Price management is one of the most crucial procedures in sales. Properly set price influences both sales and company income, but also on client’s perception of a company. Does a price form, adding more or less expensive products, division of price into smaller amounts influence sales? Research shows that they have.

Which topics are covered?

Reading 20 lessons about price management you will learn among others about:

  • If and how round your prices;
  • How to use additional products to convince clients to buy your goods;
  • How to show a discount attractively;
  • Does ‘.99’ price ending increase sales;
  • How to convince a client to buy your product without checking other offers;
  • How to make more expensive products more appealing;
  • How to divide prices into smaller units and encourage clients to purchase;
  • How to set payment system, to increase customer’s satisfaction and encourage to use your services.

Lessons are based on scientific papers, business literature and experience gathered in e-commerce.

How does it work?

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