Get ready for the expansion abroad

Foreign Market Analysis report


Decision about the foreign expansion should be based on a detailed analysis of the target market and the competition that is already present on it.

Thanks to that, you will be able to choose a strategy that maximizes the profits from the new market. It may turn out that conditions vary significantly from those on your home market. As an example, it may make sense to increase the prices if the price level is higher than on your home market and decrease them for products sold cheaper.

How, however, should you start the analysis if you don’t know the most relevant copetitors on the market or you lack time for a detailed analysis of all the offers?

We recommend you using a free Dealavo report in which you will find the most relevant information about prices on the chosen market, the cheapest retailers and the price range that customers are faced with for each of the products.

You can request a free Foreign Market Analysis for maximum 500 products with EAN codes, not more often than once per month. Fill in the form above and within 48 hours on working days you will get it on your e-mail!