What is Ceneo?

Ceneo is the second biggest e-commerce service in Poland that works as a comparison-shopping engine. Its customers can easily check the availability of various products in many shops and compare prices. What is more, the prospective customer can take a look at the description and features of the product as well as read opinions from all the customers that already bought the product in one of the shops.

How does Ceneo work?

The client willing to buy via the price comparison engine can purchase in the following, easy steps:

  • First, use available filters to find the desired product

  • Then, choose the shop in which the transaction will be made

  • The last step is to choose the payment method (online, by cash, cash on delivery, etc.), type the address of delivery and good collection.

Ceneo from the retailer’s perspective

Ceneo being one of the most popular comparison shopping engines is attractive for most brands and producers that operate on the Polish market. It has a wide-scale and serves as a perfect information station for one of the price monitoring tools (e.g. Dealavo).

This is an important component because the analysis of what other companies do allows you to control and modify your own actions and pricing policy. All to become more competitive and tailor current offers to client’s preferences and expectations. As a result, your offer is the most attractive for prospective buyers.

It is one of the sources worth taking into consideration when you want to complement the data gathered by one of the monitoring platforms. Every e-business that wants to increase the volume of sales and bring in a lot of customers.

The comparison shopping engine is based on the product feeds – the ready-made datasets (prices, availability, specification, and features) shared by companies and brands that work with Ceneo.

Benefits of Ceneo

One of the main benefits of Ceneo is free data availability. It can serve as the perfect tool that adds value to the effect won by using tools that are crawler (a robot) based, such as Dealavo.

The data is available for everyone who is updated in real-time alongside with results that are presented to clients.

To sum up, Ceneo is one of the most useful and at the same time pretty underrated free source that helps in actions taken when using one of the commercial platforms.

Up-to-date competitor’s price and product offer monitoring can be done by Dealavo. It is a solid basis for an effective and well-thought marketing campaign. As a result, your e-shop can increase its revenue and brand awareness of its brands and the whole company.

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