What is dynamic pricing?

Many retailers have heard about an interesting tool which is dynamic pricing. What is this? Dynamic pricing is really helpful when it comes to a fast reaction to any changes in online stores. Those changes include pricing policy, market conditions, and demand for products. This helps in increasing revenue, margin, and improving customer loyalty level. Those are automated, cloud solutions. The dynamic pricing recommends optimal actions online retailers should take up. It uses data such as the number of all page views or abandoned charts. The prices set by competitors are also important. It goes also about the competitor’s prices, the information about the sales and warehouse – with the use of intelligent analysis it recommends the optimal action in the range of pricing strategy. It all helps in reaching business goals in an easier way.

Every retailer knows how easy it is to lose an online client. Thanks to dynamic pricing by Dealavo it is easier to set prices based on posted recommendations. The speed is comparable to the dynamic retail trade.

Also, what is important is offline and online price integration. To ensure a seamless experience in every channel a company has to care about price coordination in every touchpoint. We should use the data and information that are physically gathered from brick and mortar stores to efficiently and safely set prices in the online store.

Every e-shop wants to beat the competition by forecasting their actions. We need to tie up the price strategies with the help of various possibilities and scientific methodology. The advanced mathematical modeling helps in polishing the recommendations and thanks to such models we can make thoughtful pricing decisions.

We should also gain faster results thanks to intuitive software to set prices dynamically. The software is dedicated to online merchandisers. The automatization of processes allows us to focus on the most important prices, manage unusual situations, and save time.

The support for global organizations is essential. The global character of the modern economy demands solutions available in many language versions. Only in this way international team members will use such solutions in preferred language versions and maximize the profits.

A lot of people might still wonder what dynamic pricing is. But the tool is really simple. If dynamic pricing is interesting for you, then the tool is tailored to you. The price-setting methods are different. The basic task here is to set the price. Setting prices is number one. Of course, the tool implements various strategies – this means the price-setting strategies.


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