Tracking the availability of products in offline stores

Find out where you can sell more of your products

Every producer wants the sufficient availability of his products in every big chain store – in online shops as well as brick-and-mortars. Constant availability and well positioned products have a meaningful impact on sales improvement, influences customers loyalty and enhances brand position in the market.

Usually, distribution contracts contain strict details about products availability in brick-and-mortars, but until now producers haven’t had a fast and easy way to verify it. Overlooking process used to be manual and needed hours of employees’ work.

Dealavo Smart Prices may help you with this issue. Contact us and we will explain you how our tool can deliver you the data about the availability of your products in big brick-and-mortar chain stores, that also have their online shops.

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Use Big Data to enhance your leadership in the market

  • Stop losing clients buying other brands instead of yours, because of the lack of your products in brick-and-mortars
  • Gain certainty that your distributors are respecting contract conditions about your products’ availability in brick-and-mortars
  • Increase the market saturation level for your brand
  • Improve clients loyalty and enhance your leading position in the market

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