Price monitoring on Google Shopping – why is it worth it?

Monitoring competitors’ prices is a key element of online sales. In addition to selected stores and websites popular for many years, such as Amazon or Idealo, it is also important to monitor the offers placed in other channels, that are quickly gaining popularity – such as Google Shopping. How you can effectively monitor prices on this platform and why is it worth doing?


What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is a marketplace, connected with the Google search engine. Apart from the actual platform, Google Shopping product offers, tailored to the recipient, are displayed in the engine itself. They are imported from online stores that use Google Ads. Promotion in Google Shopping is a good way to reach new consumers who can quickly compare different offers without having to go to the pages of individual sellers, and then make a purchase simply and intuitively by a redirection link.


Price monitoring on Google Shopping – why is it worth it?

Google Shopping monitoring allows, above all, to obtain information on the prices of products that are currently promoted by sellers. On this basis, you can learn not only the prices themselves but also to some extent promotional strategies and sales priorities of the competition. Te marketplace also covers both large and smaller stores. This allows you to enrich your market information with valuable data and see how all players are trying to remain competitive.


How to monitor prices on Google Shopping?

Currently, Google Shopping allows you to monitor prices, but it is targeted at consumers who can track the prices of selected offers when planning to buy a certain product. For its sellers, Google offers a campaign tracker, which, however, does not allow you to monitor the prices of other stores to be able to react quickly.

It is therefore strongly recommended to use a competition monitoring tool that can simultaneously monitor even thousands of offers on Google Shopping, as well as on other platforms. Such a tool is also specially tailored to the business client in terms of functionalities. As a result, all market data is collected in one place, which facilitates their efficient analysis and comparison.


Google Shopping monitoring with Dealavo

Dealavo is a tool that, thanks to technologically advanced algorithms, efficiently monitors prices on many platforms simultaneously. Thanks to this, you can simply and intuitively monitor not only Google Shopping, but also Idealo, Amazon and countless other marketplaces and shops. It’s the best solution for companies that want to have full market coverage as part of price monitoring. Dealavo allows you to simultaneously monitor the prices of even thousands of products, and the data refreshes even every hour, so it’s always up to date.

If you are looking for a proven tool for monitoring prices on the Internet, please contact us. We will show you the features of our platform so that you can decide if this is the solution for you. We will also help you configure it so that it best suits your needs and effectively helps you achieve your business goals.


Start monitoring your competition!

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