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What is ROAS Booster?

Cost-per-click (CPC) campaigns are one of the most popular digital marketing strategies used by businesses today. With CPC campaigns, advertisers pay Google for each click their ads generate on a search engine results page. The success of a CPC campaign is largely dependent on the attractiveness of the prices offered to customers; if they are more attractive, customers will be more eager to make a purchase, resulting in lower costs for the advertiser.

Unfortunately, retailers frequently promote products with unattractive prices, and as a result – they overspend money on inefficient product campaigns with a low ROAS level.

ROAS Booster is a service that helps avoid such a position and allows businesses to increase their return on ad spend (ROAS). Thanks to our advanced analytics, along with Machine Learning algorithms support, it identifies products with high margins, allowing businesses to select the right products to advertise and maximize their ROAS. With ROAS Booster, you can make data-driven  decisions about which products to promote, leading to increase your ROAS.

Although ROAS Booster provides you with the tools and insights to optimize your ad campaigns, it doesn’t create an ad campaign for you. Instead, it helps you identify areas of improvement in your existing campaigns and suggests strategies to help you get more out of them. With ROAS Booster, you can make sure that you are getting the most out of every dollar spent on advertising.


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What is Dealavo?

Find out how to stay competitive and increase sales with our price monitoring solutions. Get familiar with Dealavo’s interface along with its major functionalities.

How does ROAS Booster work?

    1. After setting up a price monitoring account our specialists help you to determine the best parameters for your  Shopping Ads. These tailored settings ensure that products are advertised at a desirable price level when in comparison to competitors, and align expected margin goals – e.g. never having less than 5%, but reaching at least 10%.
    2. Based on our data, you can select products for your advertising campaigns.
    3. Next, we are able to create a supplementary feed with a list of products you recommend you to advertise. This list will be integrated with the main feed in your Google Merchant Center account. From now on it will  automatically indicate to GMC which products should be promoted and which shouldn’t.
    4. After about 3-4 weeks, you should notice a significant change in your ROAS level.
    5. Along with the changing prices on the market, the system re-determines the price attractiveness of your product and margins, and updates the list of products in the supplementary feed, so the list of promoted products changes.


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What are the benefits of using ROAS Booster?

Retailers have a wide range of products to choose from when it comes to product ads. Some sellers opt for a more holistic approach and promote the entire assortment of goods, while other prefer to pick and choose the items they believe are the best ones for their customers. Regardless of which approach is taken, clients often don’t promote products with competitive prices.

Such an approach often turns out to be ineffective profit-wise. That’s where ROAS Booster comes in handy.

ROAS Boost solves the above problems by:

  • allocating the advertising budget to market-attractive products;
  • automated price monitoring and campaign updates with products that can actually bring profit,
  • automated purchase price monitoring so as not to promote non-margin products.

In a nutshell, ROAS Booster equals:

  • higher sales volume from your ad campaigns budget; 
  • time-saving – as you don’t need to choose the product manually, 
  • unique data – at Dealavo we focus on the most important parameter – the price and its fluctuations;
  • quick start and fast effects – service kick-off is possible even in 24 hours, and the first visible results are noticeable even after 4 weeks;
  • full automation – automated price tracking and price optimization along with real-time margin monitoring.


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How to implement ROAS Booster into your price monitoring tool?

If you already use Dealavo solutions, what you need to do is simply provide us with a specific product feed (it may be the same one you used for price monitoring).

Then our Google Ads specialists assist you in setting up the ROAS Booster service.

During the meeting, the Dealavo specialist adjusts the default configuration to your requirements and connects the supplementary feed to your Google Merchant Center account.

It’s easy and doesn’t require any technical knowledge on your side.


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Why should you use ROAS Booster with your Shopping Ads?

The advertising model in Google is based on CPC (cost-per-click) approach. With CPC, you compensate Google for every customer click, regardless of the actual purchase. Therefore, you may put yourself at risk of financial loss.

The success of a CPC campaign is largely dependent on the attractiveness of the prices offered to customers; if they are more attractive, customers will be more eager to make a purchase, resulting in lower costs on your side.

Though at Dealavo, we are not able to change the number of clicks your customers make, we can improve the conversion rate by selecting the most profitable products.

That’s why if you leverage Google Shopping Ads to promote your assortment, ROAS Booster is an indispensable tool to help your sales level and profits skyrocket in a short period of time.


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ROAS Booster and price monitoring – How does ROAS Booster work with Dealavo?

Dealavo provides a ROAS Booster service to help retailers, brands, and e-shops maximize their return on ad spend. Our aim is for businesses to get the most attractive prices without breaking their budgets; enabling them to leverage hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of potential savings every month!

At Dealavo we understand that retailers want to make sure their ROAS is at its maximum potential. That’s why we created ROAS Booster service which is specifically designed to help boost ROAS through repricing.

Our service uses advanced Machine Learning algorithms and data analysis to spot situations where retailers, brands, and e-shops can promote products with more attractive prices and see higher ROAS in return.

Our goal is to ensure that our clients never struggle when it comes to managing ad campaigns – we want to provide you with the best insights available so you maximize your profit and avoid the risk of overspending.


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How does ROAS Booster improve your ROAS? – Case study

ROAS Booster is a revolutionary tool that helps businesses of all sizes and industries to maximize their return on ad spend. Our clients have seen amazing results by using this tool, with many seeing their ROAS skyrocketing!

It doesn’t matter whether your company specializes in advertising, offers luxury products, or belongs to the FMCG sector – with ROAS Booster you’ll see significant results.
Our reports show that our clients improved their ROAS by 29 – 1000%, depending on the industry and assortment.

For more details check the case of Adrenaline.pl.


Improve your ROAS with Dealavo!

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How can I know ROAS Booster is for me?

If you are an e-commerce retailer interested in price monitoring or using a price tracking tool already – ROAS Booster is for you!
Our service can also help digital agencies with more innovative and resounding support.

How much does ROAS Booster cost?

Our prices are set individually.
Contact us for detailed pricing.

What kind of profit may I expect?

According to our clients’ results on average you can increase your ROAS levels by 60%. However, please keep in mind that these numbers may vary depending on your industry, assortment, and target groups.

For more information, check out the case of one of our clients – Adrenaline.pl

What is Dealavo?

Dealavo helps brands and e-shops stay ahead of the competition by providing data-driven insights on competitor prices. We equip our customers with valuable information to make informed decisions that increase profits and maximize success.

Why should I use a price monitoring tool?

Price monitoring is an important tool for businesses to keep track of consumer preferences, stay ahead of competitors and detect price wars. It can help you gain insights into the changing market conditions and understand when consumer preferences are shifting. By keeping a close eye on prices, you can make sure that your pricing strategy is in line with the current market trends. Moreover, it can help you identify potential price wars between competitors and adjust your pricing accordingly.

To do so, a price monitoring tool is essential. It can help businesses identify opportunities to maximize their profits by staying ahead of the competition. Furthermore, it can provide valuable insights into customer behavior by tracking trends in pricing and consumer preferences. With a price monitoring tool, businesses can stay informed about market changes and adjust their pricing strategies accordingly.

What is Dynamic Pricing?

Dynamic Pricing is a pricing strategy in which prices are changed based on predefined rules and market conditions. Dynamic pricing (also referred to as repricing), is an increasingly frequent solution that is extremely helpful on daily basis, as well as during rush hour. More and more online stores use dynamic pricing software to fully use their margin potential – maximize profits and improve positioning on price comparison websites. This kind of pricing strategy in e-commerce is one of the most profitable and useful in the current market circumstances.

How reliable is your data?

In data collection business quality is a fundamental issue. Making decisions based on wrong data may be very costly for businesses. On the other hand putting resources into collecting, cleaning, and processing lots of intel without understanding its significance for business decisions may be extremely cost-ineffective.

In Dealavo we make sure that the resources that we provide will help our clients achieve their business goals and we can guarantee it under SLA. To make sure that you receive the quality you expect we may use 3 frameworks:

automatic data cleaning – Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing algorithms – lowest price but highest error rates
manual intel cleaning – all data points will be manually verified by our QA/Data Cleaning human operators – highest cost and highest quality
hybrid – machine learning algorithms + Human operators – acceptable quality at a competitive cost.

Take into account: At Dealavo we are very up-front about insights quality and we help you decide which solution and framework will be the best for your needs.

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