MAP Price tracking

Identify who sells what below MAP/SRP

Creating pricing policy is one of high-leverage tasks of every Brand. However even the best policy needs to be understood and implemented by Brands’ channel partners. In transparent Internet retailing world even one eTailer who isn’t properly on-boarded with Brands policy can start a price war which will bring margins down to zero and ultimately drive your products out of listings and shelves into oblivion.

Proper relation building with channels and convincing them to Brands’ policy requires good arguments in negotiations and constant monitoring of implementation. Dealavo Map Violations Detection gives Category Managers, Account Managers and Sales Directors an easy way to stay informed about Brands pricing online with virtually no effort.

With e-mail alerting, high frequency price checks, automatic hassle-free product detection and identification Dealavo gives Brands the way of detecting problems with pricing online as soon as they happen and to stay informed before partners start calling.

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Helicopter view

Stop Analyzing product-by-product

Reliable information is a powerful tool in negotiations with your channel partners. Dealavo will help you:

  • aggregate data in time to let you benchmark your channels
  • auto-detect first-movers who start price wars and are responsible for driving margins down
  • monitor not only prices but also visibility, promotions, ratings and reviews and out-of-stocks

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