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Use case - Product Introduction to a New MarketUse case - Product Introduction to a New Market

A Few Steps to the Success of Your E-shop: How to Effectively Launch a Product in a New Market

Contrary to popular belief, launching a product in a new market can be defined, planned, and implemented much more quickly and effectively than we might think. It is important to approach this process methodically and have the right tools to maintain full control. This article is based on the presentation « How to Manage Pricing to…

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premium pricingpremium pricing

Premium pricing in e-commerce: Key strategies and examples

It has long been known that premium brands and their target audiences differ from other groups. Crafting the right strategy to appeal to these consumers is a significant challenge, as is monitoring the competition in this luxury, competitive market. So, what is a premium pricing strategy in e-commerce? Let’s take a closer look. Premium Pricing:…

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Competitive Price AnalysisCompetitive Price Analysis

Competitive Price Analysis (E-commerce World Guide)

Competitor analysis is a key process in e-commerce, allowing you to better understand how you are positioned in the market in terms of pricing and to assess the strength and influence of other players in the market. Such an exercise enables you to identify your pricing strategy and potential areas where you can improve your…

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