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The advantages and risks of dynamic pricing at

Anyone who sells goods online in Germany will undoubtedly have come across the marketplace, where retailers can advertise their products for a commission. Next to Amazon, the largest sales platform in the world, is often forgotten by sellers, yet this marketplace offers a lot of sales potential, especially in Germany. Source: With…

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Top Must-Have Integrations for Shopware to Boost Your Online Store’s Performance

Shopware, a leading e-commerce platform, offers a rich ecosystem of integrations that can catapult your online store to new heights. Minding the fact that the e-commerce world is really flexible and can change drastically over months, sellers should stay nimble and adaptive. This is where various integrations come into play. By seamlessly integrating various tools…

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Price monitoring for eBay — a way to build a marketplace advantage

eBay is the second most popular marketplace platform in the world. If you are selling online and not taking advantage of this market, you are losing a lot. From the following article, you will learn how to get started successfully on eBay by conducting effective price monitoring – both on your account and your competitors. …

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