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Pricing AnalystPricing Analyst

Pricing Analyst Position – Roles, Responsibilities, Salary & Useful Tools

Pricing Analysts play a crucial role in creating profitability in the ever-changing field of price strategies. Here, we’re going to examine this job position’s specifics and discuss how Dealavo can support your work as a Pricing Analyst in e-commerce. Introduction Pricing Analysts are pivotal in shaping companies‘ pricing strategies. As markets evolve and consumer behaviour…

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Business Development ManagerBusiness Development Manager

What is Business Development Manager – Roles, Responsibilities, Salary & Useful Tools 

Business Development Manager (BDM) is one of the key figure in every thriving company. If you strive to become a BDM one day, you should get to know what roles and responsibilities Business Development Manager has. Let’s dive in the details of this job position and see how Dealavo can foster your work. Introduction Charged…

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digital shelfdigital shelf

Digital Shelf – management, optimisation, strategy, examples

Just like shelves in physical stores enable shoppers to get acquainted with the given product, digital shelf in e-commerce is an online environment where online stores can present their products. Nowadays, the importance of this aspect of online trade is enormous, primarily due to huge competition. What do you need to consider when designing a…

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