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E-Shop Price Automation Based on Data

Even well designed e-commerce pricing policy needs to be ruthlessly implemented to give good effects and positive ROI but Category Managers tend to take care of up to 20% of portfolio leaving big opportunities on the table.

Lots of existing competitive intelligence tools let’s you automate price changes based only on competitors data pushing you into dead end of margin-shrinking price wars.

Thanks to Dealavo you can leverage powerful pricing engine which enables you to build rules based on:

  • Data from ERP like cost, stock and any other parameter
  • Pricing of competitors
  • Views and conversion tracked in real-time by our analytics pixel

Flexible pricing rules can be defined by extensive set of presets or programmed in Python programming language to give you all the flexibility you need.

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Solution That Earns Money

Positive ROI First Week

Integration with Dealavo Dynamic Pricing Platform is the kind of investment which done properly starts to pay for itself immediately. With proper pricing policy in place it’s nothing unusual that our clients see positive return on investment in the first week of the project. Thing often unheard of in the corporate world of long implementation cycles and intangible evaluation processes.

With well documented API endpoints and flexibility of our pricing and terms, the cost of implementation is marginal and risks for buyers are minimalised.

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