Dealavo FAQ

Frequently asked questions

  • How reliable is your data?

    In data collection business quality is very important issue. Making decisions based on wrong data may be very costly for business. On the other hand putting resources in collecting, cleaning and processing lots of data without understanding it’s significance for the business decisions may be extremely cost ineffective.

    In Dealavo we make sure that data that we provide will help our clients achieve their business goals and we can guarantee it under SLA. To make sure that you receive quality you expect we may use 3 frameworks:

    • automatic data cleaning – Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing algorithms – lowest price but highest error rates
    • manual data cleaning – all data-points will be manually verified by our QA/Data Cleaning human operators – highest cost and highest quality
    • hybrid – Algorithms + Human operators – acceptable quality in competitive cost

    In Dealavo we are very up-front by data-quality and we help you decide which solution and framework will be the best for your needs.

  • How do you know what websites or products to monitor?

    In Dealavo we believe in managed and pre-configured solutions which save time and flatten learning curves for our end-users. We work with you to understand what is relevant for your business and deploy solution the best to achieve this goals.

  • How often do you update prices of competitors?

    We can do it as often as every 10 minutes for critical products. By default we do daily price checks

  • All data is out there. I can do it manually, why should I use Dealavo?

    Compared to manual processes Dealavo is much faster and saves you time and money. In most of typical settings Dealavo probably will be also less error-prone then manual work since we specialize in this field. We developed custom back-office tools, algorithms and streamlined processes to make sure you have good quality of data on-time.

    Besides data collection is just a beginning – You need business insights and support in decision-making not data.

  • We base our pricing on cost and margin. Do we need Dynamic Pricing platform?

    With Cost+ strategy you are addressing important side of equation – security of your profit – because you make money with every sale.

    However you don’t take into account factors like willingness to buy, price sensitivity of customer, and competitors’ actions. Because of that you are probably leaving money on the table and you are paying the price of lost opportunities.

    With Dealavo you can start testing your pricing rules in real world with very short feedback cycles to outperform your competition and improve profitability or revenue of your business.

  • We don't need Dynamic Pricing since we don't aim to be the cheapest.

    We also do not advise our customers to be the cheapest. There is much more to pricing then just being the cheapest.

    Price has an important function in every business. Proper price let’s you grow and maximizes your goals (be it revenue, profit, market-share or visibility). It’s important to understand that if you have clear goal in mind then there is exactly one optimal price for every product in given time. Every deviation from optimal price in every moment stops you from achieving your goals in the shortest possible time.