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Data on prices offered by Dealavo can be easily integrated with the most popular e-commerce platforms and ERP systems.

There are 2 main integration options:

  • Through our API;
  • Direct integration into the ERP system or store platform.


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Integration through our API

Data on prices can be integrated into the system via our API.

API documentation is available after logging to the “Files” section. You can also get access to all the data through links that we share. The first contains up-to-date information from the market and the second – an optimized product feed.

If you need more details – please contact us on our chat or by using the contact form.


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What is a product feed?

A product feed is a list of products prepared based on the requirements of the platform it was created for. Technically, it is a file that contains attributes of all or selected products from the online store’s offer. You should include information about those products that you want to present on Google Shopping, Amazon, Dealavo etc.

Such a file usually has a CSV or XML extension, and its structure and the data it contains depend directly on the marketing purposes for which it will be used. It’s worth noting that although there are some popular formats, each platform has its own specifications and requirements – so you should always check them carefully before preparing your feed.

Why create a product feed? A properly prepared product information file is the first step to start selling products via marketplaces or price comparison services. It is necessary to ensure smooth communication between the store and the platform and to enable proper display of products and their prices. Thanks to that, customers can learn about your offer not only on your store’s website but also on different platforms. Making sure that the information they encounter is valid, is crucial.


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Product feed – how to create it?

First of all, the structure of a product feed should be aligned with the planned marketing activities and contain information about all the relevant product attributes. Second of all, you should remember that the requirements can differ across the platforms – that’s why you should always check the specifications characteristics for the chosen one. We discuss the most relevant issues below.

However, creating a file is not everything. You should make sure that the product feed is always up-to-date – after all, it is natural that the assortment and prices are subject to certain changes. Frequent, or even daily, updates of the product feed are necessary for the actions to be effective. In many cases the updates can be automated – sometimes, however, they require some manual actions.

When preparing the file, it is also worth extending it with additional information, even if it was not included in the specification. The more data you include in the feed, the better. In particular, it is worth supplementing it with different variants of promotional prices or highlighting the best-selling products.

To ensure the quality of the feed, all attributes such as images, titles, and descriptions should be unique. This is necessary for the product to rank well in the search engine. What is more, accurate product titles and attractive presentation of the offer will help to stand out among the competitors. This is especially important if you plan to operate on price comparison sites where competition is fierce.

Find our more: Product feed what is it and how should it look like?


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How does the integration of price data work in an online shop?

How can you integrate the data on recommended prices with an ERP system or a shop? You should take the following steps:

  1. Define the range of products for which you require monitoring and automation. To do this, you need to set an appointment with a Dealavo representative.

  2. Then, you should define the price rules, which will help you to set prices in the shop (For example, being in Amazon’s Top 3 product offers as long as the margin is 5% or more).

  3. Set the integration options:

    1. The first option is to use the Dealavo API to download information about the recommended prices. It is available for free.

    2. The second option is to integrate data from Dealavo directly into your ERP system or shop platform.


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Automatic price management – is it worth it?

Automatic price management has many advantages. The most important of these are:

  • The possibility of achieving higher profit by adjusting the prices to the market situation – Think about a shop that sells a product for USD 100, whereas its competition sells it for USD 99.95. In such case, the competition’s offers are ranked higher on the listings of price comparison websites or marketplaces. A small change in price would probably result in a higher number of customers, which could also translate into bigger profit. You can also try to imagine a reverse situation – if a shop has the cheapest offer for USD 100, whereas nobody else sells the product for less than USD 110, there is a good chance that the increase of the price would increase the shop’s profits.

  • Time savings – thanks to automatic pricing, the entire process takes much less time and is limited to the control of results.

  • Avoiding human error – automation eliminates the risk of human error. The system bases its decisions on predefined, optimal rules.

Please contact us if you want to get more information on automatic pricing in an online shop.

Automate your pricing!


Can I use my own software with Dealavo

Yes, you can link together the software that you were using before with the Dealavo platform to maximize effectiveness and maintainability.

Is API obligatory?

Yes, if you want to implement data from the tool to your system, API integration is a must-have.

How often the system can update the prices in my shop according to the price rules?

Thanks to the Dynamic Pricing platform and all the collected data, our algorithm can recommend a price that will attract the client, as well as guarantee you optimal profits. The system update may occur even a few times a day.

What input does Dealavo need?

Essential parameters are:
– product name,
– EAN (CounterPrice only),

Gross purchase price is also highly recommended, as that enables the user to set limits of suggested prices based on a minimal margin or markup.

Where does Dealavo share price recommendations?

Dealavo generates gross retail price recommendations according to the price rules set by the client and shares them in a gross retail price for the shop field.

Do I need a Dynamic Pricing Tool if I do not aim to be the cheapest?

We also do not advise our customers to be the cheapest. There is much more to pricing than just being the cheapest.

Price has an important function in every business. Proper price lets you grow and maximizes your goals (be it revenue, profit, market share or visibility). It’s important to understand that if you have a clear goal in mind then there is exactly one optimal price for every product at a given time. Every deviation from the optimal price in every moment stops you from achieving your goals in the shortest possible time.


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