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Why should you start Amazon Price Tracking?

Amazon is now the most dominant company in the e-commerce branch having the biggest market share in the United States reaching 43% in online sales and ca. 44% of all product searches in the U.S. The platform gives a lot of opportunities when it comes to increasing sales results or gaining new clients. But the dark side is the harsh competition that might take actions and negatively influence the brand image and enterprise revenue. Using features such as “Amazon price history” will save you from mentioned practices.

What’s great about Amazon, is that it’s really easy to connect a price tracker to it. More and more retailers do what they can to outrun competition, and that’s why having Amazon price history charts at your fingertips can be a game changer.

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By monitoring Amazonyou gain a tremendous opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge about the market which will certainly make it easier to make the right pricing choices and pick the correct position in e-commerce. With reliable Amazon price monitoring tool, you can also find out what your competition is doing in order to effectively set your own prices. Setting up an efficient software will also provide you with features such as price alerts, best deals offers, and will save you thousand of hours you’d spend on doing it all manually.

It is particularly important to track Amazon prices if you are a manufacturer and want to determine deviations from MSRP prices (suggested prices) in Europe. In the USA, in turn, manufacturers can enforce MAP prices (minimal prices) which makes price tracking even more critical. This way, by using a dependable Amazon price tracker you can protect yourself against price undercutting by other manufacturers and losing your margin. That way no price drops will get unnoticed.

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The Lowest Price on Amazon – not always the best choice

Attempts to compete with other retailers in Amazon should be categorically omitted because it is ineffective. It is because of the algorithms and price management system that a lot of retailers belong to. Price drops and price wars might occur if sellers try to compete by setting lower and lower fees for their customers.

Decreasing own margin to get to the same level as competitors won’t bring the desired effect and will negatively impact enterprise finance. However, thanks to price history tracking you can keep an eye on competitor’s price changes, control your margin and – last but not least – increase your online sales volume. In other words – Amazon Price Tracker will give you all the insights and price alerts so that you can outperform your competitors without having to drop your margin.

Also, instead of trying to extremely lower the prices, it is better to focus on maintaining the client’s satisfaction level, and at the same time keeping the retailer’s margin on the profitable level. To support such a case, retailers should remember about production cost optimization, distribution, transport, or conducted operations. Easier said than done, especially when you try to track product prices and changes manually. When setting Amazon prices or any other e-commerce platform use Amazon price tracker feature. App enriched with tools like price drop alerts, price history charts, and multiple handy reports will improve your page performance due to your e-shops attractive prices.

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Detect violations with Amazon Price Trackers

Among the offers, some Amazon auctions belong to retailers that don’t have any agreement. They offer goods that are under their market value, and violate fair competition. There are several ways to combat this phenomenon, namely:

  • Signing up to Brand Registry – the Amazon’s registry for sole distributors of certain brands and services
  • Spotting unauthorized retailers and reporting MAP (in the U.S) abuse, suggesting retail price or reporting unknown name of the company.

Nevertheless, spotting such violations is hardly feasible when checking the product prices manually. That is another reason why you should consider using the Amazon price tracking app. Detecting and reporting these unwanted behaviors from unauthorized vendors, will help you to increase your sales volume, and hopefully minimize the risk of such market violations in the long term, saving you money and stress at the same time.


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We monitor your competitors’ prices

Amazon Price Tracker – think outside the Buy Box

The Buy Box is a dedicated module located on the right side of selected Amazon auctions that can be used to purchase a particular product. This feature is available only to proven Amazon sellers with particularly attractive deals. Over 80% of Amazon sales are done using this button – that means that access to the Buy Box is an opportunity to significantly improve sales results.

The position of the Buy Box is always determined by the Amazon algorithm which analyses other auctions offering a similar product and picks one with the best price, yet not always with the lowest one. The Buy Box is normally used for new products, but now used offers can also frequently be featured.

Remember: The best price isn’t always the lowest one. Especially when it comes to amazon product placement and on-page positioning.

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It is much cheaper and easier for providers of price monitoring services to only monitor offers with the Buy Box. However, with such a large player like Amazon, it is necessary to monitor the entire platform to get the full picture of its price fluctuations. Relying on incomplete data only provides limited knowledge of the prices and offers on Amazon, and it also makes it difficult to identify new sellers. This means that if you make your decisions based on incomplete information, you are very likely to make mistakes. Using Amazon Price Tracker like Dealavo is a way to avoid it.

To effectively track Amazon product prices, you have to start by selecting a provider of monitoring services that actually monitors all offers posted at the store. At Dealavo, for instance, we provide our clients with complete information about all the Amazon auctions, not just the ones with the Buy Box. It’s like an all-knowing browser extension that will save you both time and money.

Dealavo’s Amazon Price Tracker enables you to detect price drops immediately, and react properly thanks to reliable alerts. Choose Dealavo and check out other price optimization features. Amazon price tracker is one of Dealavo’s greatest assets – online and offline price tracking has never been easier.


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Amazon Price History – always keep track of prices

Amazon price trackers work wonders, but having access to products’ history is a next-level move. To become a successful e-commerce vendor you need to always be prepared for possible price drops and market changes. These days the price of your product may change drastically not only on Black Friday but even a few times a day. Tracking Amazon product prices and checking the product price history will help you to find out: 

  • when the price reaches the highest level,
  • whether a specific product is really getting cheaper during the special offer period or the price remains the same,
  • what was the lowest and the highest price of a specific product on the price history charts.

There are many ways to verify Amazon Price History, so definitely you don’t need to track it hand-operated. Nowadays, retailers may find various apps that will help them out when it comes to checking price history. One of them is Keepa – a dedicated Amazon Price Tracker.

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How to use Keepa for product promotion on Amazon?

Keepa is a pricing tracking platform that helps sellers run their online business on Amazon e.g. by providing price history charts. It’s also one of the most reliable and popular tools among available price trackers these days. The software monitors the most popular markets like the United States, UK, and Canada, but also gives you insight into Brazil or India current market situation. 

The platform consists of three main sections:

1. Keepa Deals

Keepa Deals enables you to find a product to track. You can filter the content by category, deal type, price, or discount range, After filtering you will be provided various features like an Amazon product price history chart. Moreover, thanks to this feature you may receive browser or email notifications whenever a price drop occurs.

2. Keepa Track

On this page, you’ll find your tracking history and recent alerts, e.g. price drops alerts.

3. Keepa Data

Here you’ll find all of the gathered information which gives you a chance to make a proper business decision, and employ a profitable price strategy. Among given features you may use:

  • Product finder: find any product to monitor, 
  • Product viewer: import your product lists,
  • Best-seller lists: enables finding and filtering of best-selling products,
  • Top-seller list: check your strongest competitors,
  • Category tree: helps to organize gathered data,
  • Keepa’s API – provides a detailed overview of requested products.

Try Dealavo – Keepa’s alternative for Amazon.


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Keepa alternatives – find an Amazon Price Tracker for you

Apart from Keepa being a dedicated Amazon Price Tracker, nowadays you may find plenty of alternative apps that help the merchants in product promotion on Amazon. Here are some honorable mentions among many price trackers available:

1. Dealavo

Dealavo is a tool that provides price monitoring for e-shops and brands fully integrated with Amazon. It’s an online solution that enables internet shops to check at what price their competitors sell the products that they offer. One of Dealavo’s key functionalities is the ability to check a product’s price history. Dealavo also allows downloading a product’s price history in an Excel form, through API and it keeps you updated in terms of market changes through e-mail alerts. With the extension you get all the best deals, lowest price suggestions, price history charts and many more useful features.

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2. CamelCamelCamel

One of the most popular Keepa’s alternatives. The main thing that differentiates CamelCamelCamel from other price trackers is it’s entirely free of charge. Apart from the access to Amazon price history charts of countless products, the software will send you e-mail notification alerts, or (if you’d like to monitor prices anonymously) inform you about the price changes via RSS feed. Free and reliable price history software – sounds good, right?

3. Earny

Along with the functionalities you may find in Keepa or CamelCamelCamel, Earny lets you know beforehand whether the products on your watch list are actually likely to change or not. What’s more with Earny you don’t need to worry about missing special offers – with its cashback feature you will receive a refund if the price of your purchase dropped down.

Even though Earny is not a free-of-charge tool, its price may be still considered reasonable if we compare its possibilities with other price trackers.

The software is available on Android and iOS devices as well as on the Chrome browser.

4. Honey

Our final mention is Honey – a browser extension compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Edge. What stands out Honey from the other amazon price trackers is its user-friendly dashboard. Besides, it allows you to find promo codes for any item you are interested in. Notification alert functionalities are also available. 


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Dealavo offers full integration with Amazon

Are you interested in increasing your sales on Amazon? Or maybe you’d like to become a part of the top sellers’ list in your business branch? Try out Dealavo!

Dealavo software solution for e-commerce allows you not only to monitor prices on Amazon but also to set dynamic pricing rules to overtake your competitors. It’s not a secret that Amazon is a price-oriented platform. That is why kicking off with price tracking is simply a must if you want to be a successful Amazon vendor. It’s not easy to choose the best-fitting software among many price trackers, but it will surely play a huge role in your possible success on Amazon.

Due to a double verification conducted by our Machine Learning algorithms, we guarantee to provide the highest data quality. Moreover, Dealavo allows you to monitor various product pages, not only these included in BuyBox.

Without a doubt, Amazon is the best marketplace for e-commerce sellers worldwide. Try out Price Tracker Dealavo and increase your sales volume with our Amazon Price Tracking App!


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Which countries can be monitored with Dealavo?

With Dealavo Pricing Tool Software we can track prices in any country you ask us for. Our price tracker works efficiently in every market.

How much does Dealavo cost?

At Dealavo you pay just for the price monitoring of the products you follow. Our service prices are discussed individually, as it depends on the volume of your assortment and the monitoring range. There is no universal price, but don’t worry, you will not be disappointed. We offer a 7-day trial, and after handing over the product feed to us, we will set up your account immediately, so you can start your first analysis on the spot.

What does Dealavo use to monitor prices?

Dealavo Price Tracking Tool monitors prices using many methods. The main factors allowing price tracking are names of products, EAN codes, GTIN codes, ASIN codes, and many more.

The usage of a variety of tracking tools allows Dealavo to track prices as accurately as possible.

Does Dealavo monitor different sizes of products?

Yes, Dealavo Pricing Tool allows businesses to track different-sized products.

How often does Dealavo update prices?

Dealavo is known to be one of the fastest-working price-tracking websites on the market. If the pricing tool can access frequently updated information, data can be updated every 15 minutes. That way you have instant access to all the price drops and market changes.

How does Dealavo ensure the high quality of the data?

Price tracking requires gathering accurate and up-to-date information. Every little error in the data might negatively influence the business.

That’s why at Dealavo we use double data verification. Our price tracking platform not only uses Machine Learning algorithms to verify all the intel, but it also provides Manual Quality Assurance Authentication.

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