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Price Monitoring for Shopware

Integration and Competitor Price Monitoring for Shopware Engine

Staying ahead of the competition by setting profitable prices is crucial in any market. Knowing what your competitors are up to is key to achieving this. That’s why collecting data on their product offers and promotions is a necessity.

Dealavo is an effective tool that integrates with platforms like Shopware to help you keep your product prices up-to-date and offers competitive. It automates the process of adapting to your industry and customer needs, allowing you to remain in control of your margins. Don’t let the dynamic market affect your bottom line – stay ahead of the competition with Dealavo.


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Dynamic Pricing in your Shopware store

Running an online store requires you to be price competitive. Luckily, there’s a solution to help you stay ahead in your industry: Shopware integration with Dealavo.

With the Dynamic Pricing feature, you can quickly and easily adjust your prices to match your competitors. This frees up your time to focus on other aspects of your store while boosting your competitiveness.

If you’re looking to enhance your offer, this solution is perfect for you.


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To make your sales more effective, we will help you with the integration. Contact us and try out our demo. We will guide you to complete the entire integration process.


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To easily integrate with Dealavo, our consultants will:

1. Integrate Dealavo with your Shopware platform.
2. Set up your Dealavo dashboard.
3. Show you how dynamic repricing works.

Repricing in Shopware stores

Repricing in Shopware stores is an irreplaceable tool that will allow you to stay competitive in the market. Thanks to the automatic price update, you can adjust prices to the current market situation and you will not be surprised by any unexpected changes.

Our high-quality data and customized approach to each client will maximize your sales and put you ahead of the competition. Invest in professional solutions today and see the benefits for yourself.

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Why should I use repricing in my Shopware store?

Repricing is an effective way to maximize profits and stay competitive in the e-commerce market. By using the dynamic pricing feature in your Shopware, you can be sure that your products are always priced at the most competitive level. This helps you get more sales and increase revenue while staying ahead of the competition. Repricing also allows you to monitor prices across channels so you can adjust your pricing strategy accordingly.

Do I need to use Dynamic Pricing in my Shopware store if I don’t want to be the cheapest on the market?

We also do not recommend positioning yourself as the cheapest offer on the market. Price is an important factor in business, but our experience shows that the consumer’s decision-making process is also influenced by other factors (availability of goods from competitors, shipping prices, the reputation of the e-Shop, etc.). Our platform enables efficient implementation of pricing policy assumptions by integrating data and aggregating industry-specific attributes.

What are the major functionalities of Dealavo for Shopware shop owners?

Firstly, you will understand the market – its volume, dynamics, and key players.
Secondly, by the instant reaction to the price change, you will increase your competitive strength.
We will recommend you the best price for your product.
Also, we will explain the source of your income changes.
Furthermore, you will be able to spot the price wars beginnings on the market.
All provided data may be easily analyzed, which will save you money and time.

How much does the integration cost?

At Dealavo you pay just for the price monitoring of the products you follow. Our service prices are discussed individually, as it depends on the volume of your assortment and the monitoring range. There is no universal price, but don’t worry, you will not be disappointed. We offer a 7-day trial, and after handing over the product feed to us, we will set up your account immediately, so you can start your first analysis on the spot.

How often the system can update the prices in my shop according to the price rules?

Thanks to the Dynamic Pricing platform and all the collected data, our algorithm can recommend a price that will attract the client, as well as guarantee you optimal profits. The system update may occur even a few times a day.

What input does Dealavo need?

Essential parameters are:
– product name,
– EAN (CounterPrice only),
– product ID.

The gross purchase price is also highly recommended, as that enables the user to set limits of suggested prices based on a minimal margin or markup.

Where does Dealavo share price recommendations?

Dealavo generates gross retail price recommendations according to the price rules set by the client and shares them in a gross retail price for the shop field.


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  • Kasia, Customer Success Manager Kasia, Customer Success Manager
    I believe that better relations with clients equal a greater success for both sides. It’s very satisfying when I can help a client to maximize his values with Dealavo and achieve his long-term goals.
  • Ola, Customer Success Ola, Customer Success
    When it comes to contact with clients, the crucial part is kindness and an individual approach – an attempt to build a strong business relationship based on the client’s needs. At Dealavo we care for our clients success, that is why we do our best to make their work easier, by providing accurate data to simplify decision making process.
  • Kasia, Customer Success Kasia, Customer Success
    In my job with clients, the most important factors are good relations and trust so I can show them the actual benefits of the cooperation. It’s hugely satisfying to implement solutions together and assist the clients with their daily work as well as their business development. It’s amazing to watch them growing.
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    The favorite part of my job is contact with people. It’s satisfying to help the clients and meet their needs. I enjoy being the client’s “voice” at Dealavo and taking care of the constant growth of our product. Happy client = happy me 🙂

Our clients

Dealavo provides dynamic pricing for Shopware stores

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