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Why use a Price Tracking Tool for E-commerce?

A comprehensive pricing strategy in e-commerce encompasses more than just monitoring the market through a price tracking website. To outperform competitors and enhance profit margins, brands often turn to competitor price tracking software for comprehensive insights into competitor pricing and promotions. By leveraging such software, brands can streamline pricing and promotion strategies with greater precision. Ultimately, competitor price tracking equips brands with the necessary data to anticipate market fluctuations, competitor maneuvers, and detect price irregularities.

Tools like Dealavo offer both detailed and summarized competitor price monitoring, promotions, and inventory status, empowering businesses to leverage this information to their advantage. As one of the top-tier price monitoring solutions available, Dealavo furnishes all pertinent data required to fine-tune pricing strategies and maximize profitability.


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How does Dealavo’s Price Tracking Tool work?

Check how Price Tracking & Dynamic Pricing tools like Dealavo help you with increasing profitability.

Can a Price Tracking Tool be used by manufacturers and brands?

Manufacturers and brands can leverage price tracking tools to navigate the fiercely competitive landscape of online retailing. In this environment, where competitors closely monitor each other’s pricing, rapid price changes can spark damaging price wars, adversely affecting product perception and profit margins. However, with competitor price monitoring tools, such conflicts can be averted. These tools meticulously track competitor prices, enabling brands to adjust their prices dynamically without inciting price wars.

With Dealavo’s advanced price tracking tool, the “Wars Module,” you gain insights into instances of price violations and observe which sales channels follow suit and when. This invaluable information allows you to pinpoint the most volatile partners and tailor your distribution and pricing strategies accordingly, ensuring you stay ahead while preserving profit margins and meeting customer expectations.


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Price Tracking Tool monitorings your competitors’ prices




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Dashboard Reports and E-mail Alerting

Recognizing the paramount importance of price monitoring software in swiftly capturing essential data on price fluctuations, we offer fully customizable email alerts. These alerts serve as a prompt notification system, promptly informing you of any alterations in product prices of your choice. Receive detailed insights into every minor price adjustment, including the extent of the change and its timing, delivered directly to your inbox. This seamless integration of Dealavo’s pricing optimization functionality streamlines your pricing strategies.

In addition to the standard downloadable reports, our consultants can generate on-demand reports in Excel and CSV formats, tailored to address your most pressing pricing concerns. These reports encompass historical data, enabling you to discern pricing trends and fluctuations over time. Thus, Dealavo not only furnishes you with top-notch, real-time statistics but also functions impeccably as a comprehensive price history tracker.


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What sites can be monitored with Dealavo Price Tracking Tool?

We can track any site you want.

Price comparison websites, marketplaces, or even specific sites like Amazon or your competitors’ sites. Our price tracking platform can successfully monitor all of them.

Which countries can be monitored with Dealavo’s price tracking software?

With Dealavo Pricing Tool Software we can track competitors prices in any country you ask us for.

What does Dealavo Price Tracking Tool use to monitor prices?

Dealavo Price Tracking Tool monitors prices using many methods. The main factors allowing price tracking are names of products, EAN codes, GTIN codes, ASIN codes and many more.

The usage of a variety of tracking tools allows Dealavo to track prices as accurately as possible.

Does Price Tracking Tool Dealavo monitor different sizes of products?

Yes, our price tracking tool allows businesses to track different-sized products.

How often does Price Tracking Tool Dealavo update prices?

Dealavo is known to be one of the fastest-working price tracking tools on the market. If the pricing tool can access frequently updated information, data can be updated every 15 minutes.

How does Price Tracking Tool Dealavo ensure the high quality of the data?

Price tracking requires gathering accurate and up-to-date information. Every little error in the data might negatively influence the business.

That’s why at Dealavo we use double data verification. Our price tracking platform not only uses Machine Learning algorithms to verify all the intel, but it also provides Manual Quality Assurance Authentication.

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