Complete e-commerce Monitoring Platform for Brands

Re-gain control over your products sold online

Dealavo provides ready toolkit for Brands and know-how on how to use it to drive revenues up and defend margins.

Thanks to Dealavo Brands can:

  • defend margins by detecting price wars
  • increase revenue by monitoring frequency of products going out-of-stock and working with channel partners to prevent it
  • defend image by controlling ratings & reviews in real-time
  • increase visibility and share of voice by monitoring brand positioning in-store

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Complete Dynamic Pricing Platform for e-Stores

Stop leaving money on the table

Dealavo provides ready and tested platform for e-Stores and know-how on how to use it to drive revenues up and defend margins.

Thanks to Dealavo e-Stores can:

  • increase revenues by automating pricing and reacting faster
  • defend margins by taking cost structure and margin target into pricing decisions
  • learn who is real competitor thanks to analysing impact of price changes on conversion
  • outsmart competitors by reacting faster and maing decisions based on more data

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Data Collection and Processing

Make decisions based on high quality data

Important decisions need reliable data.

Dealavo Smart Prices collects and processes data in semi-automatic hybrid mode to drive cost for our customers down but not to compromise data quality. 75% of mappings is done by our statistics and Machine Learning algorithms.

Data-points tagged by algorithms are additionally checked by our QA & Data Cleaning team in a highly effective and streamlined process supported by our back-office in-house built tools.

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Tech Support Team

Be sure that everything is OK

Monitoring huge numbers of websites and data points every hour we need to take into account layout changes, broken URLs, maintenance windows etc.

To react quickly all our IT operations are always deployed with extensive sets of quality-checking gates, alarms and auto-tests. Our Tech Support team is on stand-by taking shifts to fix issues 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

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Customer Success Team

You talk to real people

In Dealavo every client has his own Customer Success Specialist assigned to him.

We take care that you talk to real people who can help you solve your problems and advise on what modules of Dealavo and what tactics you should use to achieve your goals.

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