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We deliver it.

Technological excellence

Our double verification process enables providing data of the highest quality: 75% of mappings is done by our state-of-art Machine Learning algorithms, followed by manual verification and completion by the Quality Assurance Team.

For our most demanding clients we are able to provide even 99% SLA. Once the account is ready we provide regular quality checks to ensure data accuracy.

Customer Success Team

With Dealavo you receive more than just a standard customer support.

We provide each client with their own Customer Success Manager, responsible for taking care of any requests, optimizing the usage of Dealavo, sharing know-how and providing trainings on-demand.

What distinguishes our team is the quick response time. We try to respond to customer inquiries and to implement suggested changes as quickly as possible. As an example, when our clients want to update the list of monitored products – in 95% of cases the changes can be seen in the account the next morning at the latest.

  • Kasia, Customer Success Manager Kasia, Customer Success Manager
    I believe that better relations with clients equal a greater success for both sides. It’s very satisfying when I can help a client to maximize his values with Dealavo and achieve his long-term goals.
  • Ola, Customer Success Ola, Customer Success
    When it comes to contact with clients, the crucial part is kindness and an individual approach – an attempt to build a strong business relationship based on the client’s needs. At Dealavo we care for our clients success, that is why we do our best to make their work easier, by providing accurate data to simplify decision making process.
  • Kasia, Customer Success Kasia, Customer Success
    In my job with clients, the most important factors are good relations and trust so I can show them the actual benefits of the cooperation. It’s hugely satisfying to implement solutions together and assist the clients with their daily work as well as their business development. It’s amazing to watch them growing.
  • Monika, Customer Success Monika, Customer Success
    The favorite part of my job is contact with people. It’s satisfying to help the clients and meet their needs. I enjoy being the client’s “voice” at Dealavo and taking care of the constant growth of our product. Happy client = happy me 🙂

Custom integrations

Open to our clients’ diverse needs, we provide a number of customizations such as:

  • integrations with clients’ databases, data warehouses and data pipelines
  • development of custom dashboards
  • Qlikview and Tableau developers on demand
  • custom data formats and reporting in Excel, CSV…

…and many more. You name it, we’re here to help.

Consulting services

In Dealavo we know that the utilization of data is just as important as its accuracy. Therefore we provide clients with consulting services in the fields of:

  • pricing and promotions
  • e-commerce marketing mix
  • e-commerce growth
  • trade policy
  • selective distribution
  • Greg, Head of Advisory Services Greg, Head of Advisory Services
    E-commerce is a new reality and different business velocity for well-established brands. We help them to distil what’s most important in the ocean of data and translate it into actionable insights. Very often leading to double-digit growth.