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About Dealavo

Who are we?

We are a data-driven company specializing in delivering actionable e-commerce insights to brands and e-shops. We help our clients with pricing optimization, strengthening distribution chains and overall DPSM (Distribution, Pricing, Shelving, Merchandising) strategies.

For the past 5 years we have been serving clients from over 24 countries monitoring more than 32 markets. During this time we managed to gain the trust of such global brands like Samsung, MSI, Tp-Link, Lenbrook, DeLonghi, Epson, Philips, Babyliss and many more by providing an advanced monitoring solution and specialized advisory services.

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Our technological superiority

Due to being a part of CodiLime group we have access to top performance machine learning solutions that make our crawling, matching, analysis and presentation process incomparably efficient and accurate.

We are Dealavo, we help our clients with turning data into decisions. Contact us and find out how we can help you.

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How do we do it?

  • Data collection

    Data collection

    Gathering data from websites

  • AI Matching

    AI Matching

    Suggestions based on Machine Learning

  • Validation


    Manual verification and data control

People behind Dealavo

We are a fast growing international company based in Warsaw, Poland with vast network of customer success representatives and consultants.
Meet our management team:

Jacob Kot

CEO - Head of Sales

Przemysław (Greg) Białokozowicz

VP - Head of Product

Michael Kijewski

Head of Delivery

Kate Bielińska

Head of Customer Success

Marius Zubrzycki

Head of Engineering

Kinga Mówińska

Head of HR & Office

Aleksandra Hołownia

Head of Marketing