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What is MAP price?

Management of MAP (Minimum Advertised Prices) and MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is becoming more and more important for brands. According to the research, the typical brand that has many different online distributors, faced with price violations among 23% of all products. But what actually do these terms mean?

In the simplest form, MAP is the lowest price a retailer can sell the product for. In other words, MAP is the policy to make an agreement in which a manufacturer sets advertising price limits for distributors and resellers.

However, It is important to note that a MAP policy does not establish an exact price that a reseller can sell a manufacturer’s product, it keeps resellers from dropping the prices below a certain level. For example, if a sunglasses manufacturer sets a MAP of $75 for its best selling item than all online distributors that the brand made an agreement are obligated to advertise this product minimum at $75 or more.

Though it’s important to note that MAP is a legal policy in the US but it is not applicable in European Union as a law.


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What is MSRP?

The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price is the suggested price that is recommended by a manufacturer to its retailer that cannot be enforced. It helps the manufacturer to standardize a product’s retail price, preventing resellers from underselling the product. Secondly, MSRP Pricing is important because it takes into account the costs that are required to sell the product – all connected with price violations, markups, wholesale, retail and even distribution processesManufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price also helps in keeping the brand competitive in the eyes of the end-customer. The customer who sees a certain product for a bargain price in a certain shop is less willing to buy it and lowers the opinion about its quality and the brand’s integrity. MSRP Price helps the product to stay valuable in the eye of retailers and customers.

Also keep in mind that Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) can be applicable both in Europe and the US but is more popular in EU regions, but it’s usually named Recommended Retail Price (RRP).


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MAP/MSRP benefits for the brands and e-shops

Employing MAP/MSRP pricing rules policy & tracking carries a range of benefits, including:

  1. Promoting fair competition across all distribution channels.
    As the manufacturer, you can reach every potential customer through your small and large resellers. They are both valuable. So you should care to promote fair competition across all distribution channels and to allow smaller sellers to compete with larger retailers.
  2. Maintaining brand identity and value
    Consistency is what consumer expects from the brands and MAP policy is the key for consistency in pricing. When you establish a minimum price for your products to be advertised, this will help you maintain your brand identity and value across your entire channel. It is a great way to maintain price integrity, which is a perfect sign of being a trust-builder among customers.
  3. Preventing underpricing
    To attract the consumer, resellers can choose to lower the prices rather than enhancing their marketing, their shopping experience or their customer service. It is easy to make advertising with a super low price on it. But, MAP helps you prevent underpricing among your resellers, and make them change their vision. By using an intelligent MAP monitoring platform, you’ll be able detect the violators easily and review the relationship with them.
  4. Attracting new retailers to your products
    A successful application of MAP means that you are serious about maintaining the integrity of your brand and supporting reseller while they are selling your products. As we have already mentioned, consistency makes them trust you and want to sell your products.


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MAP/MSRP benefits for resellers

Following MAP/MSRP policy protects the margins so the products can be properly advertised and supported. It opens opportunities for retailers to develop a strategy to compete in different areas like customer support, UX. MAP also eliminates unauthorized sellers so legitimate retailers can sell more and help authorized resellers become stronger in the market. It’s worth noting that using price price monitoring tools to track competitors prices and spot possible violations is one of the best ways to manage the task.

Also, when the brand is consistent in executing their MAP policy, it is supposed to become a better partner and cooperate with the reseller, like taking back stock when the seller cannot sell it.

What’s more, it faciliates the combat against grey market, and prevent from reselling your products by unauthorized vendors. With MAP monitoring you can find and track the low prices that has been set for your product. This approach helps you detect unauthorized resellers and opens you a way to combat against it with the law enforcements.


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MAP/MSRP benefits for consumers

With MAP/MSRP, the price is becoming less competitive and the retailers are forced to attract customers in other ways such as perfect customer experiences, additional coupons, and campaigns. That will generate an added value for consumers.

Moreover, unauthorized sellers (which will be mentioned in the further part of the article) that are selling unauthorized products can be detected and eliminated from the market thanks to price monitoring which allows you to spot your products being sold at ridiculously low prices. In this way, consumers will get rid off receiving fake products or as you’ll prevent unauthorized sellers, they will be also avoided getting poor support from unauthorized sellers.


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MAP/MSRP Tracking with Dealavo

Competitor price tracking software like Dealavo is one of the best tools on the market for the task. It allows brands to monitor product prices across channels and quickly spot MAP/MSRP violations in e-shops, marketplaces and price comparison websites worldwide.

With Dealavo price tracking system, you will not only get all the best price tracking features, but you’ll easily track the implementation of your pricing strategy by key channel partners and act on any possible violations. Aggregated data allows you to benchmark your channels and helps you choose the best partners for future cooperation.

Retailers dropping prices below recommended levels to attract potential customers are a threat to your brand’s perception and your profit margins, especially if they lead to price wars. Defend them with our help.


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What sites can be monitored with the Dealavo Price Tracking Software?

We can be tracking prices of any site you want.

Price comparison websites, marketplaces, or even specific sites like Amazon or your competitors’ sites. Our price tracking platform can successfully monitor all of them.

Which countries can be monitored with Dealavo?

With Dealavo Pricing Tool Software we can track prices in any country you ask us for.

What does Dealavo Price Tracking Tool use to monitor prices?

Dealavo Price Tracking Tool monitors prices using many methods. The main factors allowing price tracking are names of products, EAN codes, GTIN codes, ASIN codes and many more.

The usage of a variety of price tracking tools allows Dealavo to track prices as accurately as possible.

Does Dealavo monitor different sizes of products?

Yes, Dealavo Price Tracking Tool allows businesses to track different-sized products.

How often does Dealavo Price Tracker Software updates prices?

Competitor price tracking software Dealavo is known to be one of the fastest-working price tracking websites on the market. If the pricing tool can access frequently updated information, data can be updated every 15 minutes.

How does Dealavo Price Tracking tool ensure the high quality of the data?

Price tracking requires gathering accurate and up-to-date information. Every little error in the data might negatively influence the business.

That’s why at Dealavo we use double data verification. Our price tracking platform not only uses Machine Learning algorithms to verify all the intel, but it also provides Manual Quality Assurance Authentication.

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