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MAP/MSRP tracking

Dealavo platform allows brands to monitor prices of their products across channels and quickly spot MAP/MSRP violations in e-shops, marketplaces and price comparison websites worldwide.

With Dealavo you will easily track the implementation of your pricing strategy by key channel partners and act on any possible violations. Aggregated data allows you to benchmark your channels and helps you choose the best partners for future cooperation.

Retailers dropping prices below recommended levels to attract potential customers are a threat to your brand’s perception and the products’ margins, especially if they lead to price wars. Defend them with our help.

Price wars detection

In the highly competitive online environment, retailers often follow each others’ price changes which can lead to price wars, harmful for both your products’ perception and margins.

With Dealavo Price Wars Module you can see exactly who and when started the price war and which channels followed. Thanks to this, you can identify the partners who are most volatile and take it into consideration in your future distribution strategy.

Product categories analysis

We know how important it is to have a complex overview on your products in the sales channels, not only as separate SKUs but also as a helicopter view.

On our platform you can see and compare the performance of customizable product categories in various online shops. If you are a Category manager or a C-level executive who needs a general overview, this module is particularly helpful.


E-mail alerting

Understanding how valuable it is to receive the information about any price changes immediately, we provide fully customizable email alerts which give you quick heads-up about any changes in the chosen products’ prices. Have the information about who changed the price, by how much and when sent directly to your inbox.

Price monitoring of competing brands

Monitoring your products online is just one part of an e-commerce strategy. To stay ahead of the competition, brands often choose to monitor the prices, availability and promotions of the competitive products and plan their pricing and promotion strategy accordingly.

Competition monitoring with Dealavo allows you to have both granular and aggregated data about your competitors’ prices, promotions and out-of-stocks to utilize them for your benefit.


Custom price and distribution reports

In addition to standard, downloadable reports, our consultants can prepare on-demand reports in Excel and CSV formats, regarding the pricing issues that are the most important for you and including historical data to help you see the pricing trends and changes over time.

Promotion monitoring

With Dealavo you know who promotes your products, when, and how deep the promotions are. You can then compare the data to your sales and KPIs and gain strategic knowledge about how to plan your future actions.

You will also be able to track the promotional calendar of your competitors, which – paired with distribution reports – allows you to see the effectiveness of particular promotions.

We know that on top of data you need to know how to utilize it in the best way. To provide our clients with complex pricing insights we offer, among all, pricing strategy and e-commerce consulting.

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