What is the Partner Programme of Dealavo?

Dealavo Partner Programme gives you the opportunity to earn through Dealavo referrals.

Partners operating in this program receive fees for contracts signed with new Dealavo customers to whom they have referred price monitoring, dynamic pricing or e-commerce analytics services.

The amount of the one-time fee depends on the value of the contract signed by the new customer. It usually amounts to EUR 350-475.

New customers also benefit from the Partner Programme – thanks to the referral, they receive a 25% discount for the first month of using Dealavo, as well as the opportunity to monitor more products if they use the free demo before starting cooperation – instead of 500, they can monitor as many as 1,000 products.

Dealavo - the highest quality of price and e-commerce data

Dealavo offers e-commerce analytics solutions for online stores and manufacturers. It specializes in price monitoring and dynamic pricing.

Dealavo enables the collection of data from marketplaces, price comparison sites and online stores around the world, and then presents it in an intuitive tool. All data is available in Excel files and API as well.

What makes Dealavo special?

  • High quality and stability of the provided data – we guarantee data accuracy reaching up to 99% under an SLA.
  • Flexibility regarding the form of the data we provide – we offer a functional and clear application and data in the Excel, API or JSON format.
  • High-quality customer service – we treat every Partner and Customer individually. We maintain an NPS (net promoter score) of 70 or more.

How does the Partner Programme work?

The Partner Programme of Dealavo gives you the opportunity to earn additional income by referring Dealavo and get additional benefits for your customers and acquaintances you recommend Dealavo to.

The process of the program is as follows:

Partner Programme Dealavo

  • Conversation – during the conversation we will tell you about Dealavo, present the tool to you and explain the most important use cases. We will also answer your questions and clear your doubts.
  • Signing the Partnership Contract – the next step is to sign the Partnership Contract. You can sign the agreement electronically or print it out and send it to Dealavo.
  • Client registration – the customer to whom you recommend Dealavo should complete the form and provide your email address: https://dealavo.com/en/form-dealavo-partner/. This will entitle him to a 25% discount for the first month of using the tool and the opportunity to try a demo on as many as a thousand products with EAN codes. An automatic email will be sent to your email address with information about the registration from the referral and the registration ID (personal information will not be shared).
  • Check referral status – you can check the status of your referral by entering the registration ID you receive by email in the form on our website: https://dealavo.com/en/referral-status/. You will see what stage of business negotiations we are at and whether you are entitled to a fee. In addition to this, we will email you information about signing the contract with the New Customer and the payment of the second invoice, which entitles you to the fee.
  • Issue an invoice – when the conditions for granting the fee are met, issue an invoice for the value indicated in the email and send it to partner@getdealavo.com. The fee will be paid within 14 days.
  • Refer Dealavo to more people – there is no limit to the number of fees that can be paid to our partners. Refer Dealavo and keep earning.

Relevant documents

Do you want to become the Partner of Dealavo? Check important documents:

  1. Terms and conditions of the Partner Programme of Dealavo Sp. z.o.o.
  2. Appendix No. 1 Draft Partnership Contract

Do you have any questions? Fill in the form below or send us an email at partner@getdealavo.com.

Are you interested in a different form of the partnership, e.g. providing your clients with white label data? Check our page How to become a Dealavo Partner?