Partnership model – possible forms of cooperation

Dealavo Partners gain the opportunity to offer Dealavo applications and high-quality data to their customers. 

We approach each partnership individually. 

Available models of cooperation:

  • Offering Dealavo applications in the white label model

Our Partner may offer Dealavo data and application with their own audio-visual communications and their own logo. 

  • Sharing market data in the form of an API

The Partner may then use the Dealavo data to build their own application for their customers. 

  • Earning by recommending Dealavo

With the Partner Programme of Dealavo, you can earn fees by recommending us to new clients. Learn more from the linked page.

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Why Dealavo?

Cooperation with Dealavo is intended for companies that aim to:

  • Offer added value to their customers by providing them with accurate data on prices on the e-commerce market, product availability and solutions for price automation; 
  • Supplement the portfolio of their services without having to build and maintain complicated solutions for regular e-commerce market monitoring;
  • Automate the process of gathering data for their customers.

What makes Dealavo special?

  • High quality and stability of the provided data – we guarantee data accuracy reaching up to 99% under an SLA. 
  • Flexibility regarding the form of the data we provide – we offer a functional and clear application and data in the Excel, API or JSON format. 
  • High-quality customer service – we treat every Partner and Customer individually. We maintain an NPS (net promoter score) of 70 or more. 

How to become a Dealavo Partner?

To become a Dealavo Partner, fill in the contact form or write to us at

Our employee will contact you to agree upon the details of our cooperation.  

Korbinian Spann

Dealavo Partners

Currently, Dealavo cooperates with companies such as Quicklizard, Gap intelligence or GoToRetail. You can read more about Dealavo Partners in the Partners tab. 

What do our Partners say about us?

“We are very excited to work with Dealavo because they have great expertise in eCommerce analytics and price monitoring. Together with Dealavo, we can focus on our expertise and rely on high quality data for our customers.”

-Korbinian Spann, MD and Head of Data at Insaas

Case study: Providing millions of price points daily


A listed international provider of price automation applications for commerce and tourism.


Regular supply of large volumes of data (millions of price points daily) regarding the prices at the competition of our Partner’s customers (online shops and marketplaces). The data is provided through a dedicated integration solution, not through the Dealavo application.


High-quality market data regarding prices are crucial for the price recommendations of the Partner. Having tried other data providers, the Partner chose Dealavo as the main data provider. Dealavo guaranteed the following:

  • stable supply of large volumes of data,
  • high-quality matching of product data,
  • proactive support of the Partner and compliance with a demanding SLA.

Case study: White label model


One of the biggest market research companies in the world that offers dedicated applications (in addition to regular data) to their customers. The company was looking for a white label partner.


Dealavo adapted its application to the needs of the Partner and enabled them to offer it to their customers under a white label licence.

Dealavo supplies data, maintains the application and provides services for the Partner’s customers. The application is one of the main components of the Partner’s product and service portfolio.


The Partner chose Dealavo because, unlike the previous provider, we were able to:

  • adapt our application to the needs of our Partner,
  • take over the responsibilities related to customer implementation and application maintenance from our Partner,
  • develop application features on the basis of the needs reported by the Partner’s customers.
category monitoring

Case study: Creating a dedicated application


A specialised market research company that provides data from promotional brochures to manufacturers in the United States and Europe.


Dealavo created a dedicated application that enabled:

  • obtaining data from the promotional brochures,
  • recognising the data from the brochures and processing the text and images into numeric values,
  • streamlining the Partner’s workflow.


The implementation of the application has lowered the costs of data processing by 80% thanks to:

  • Dealavo’s good understanding of the specific needs of our Partner,
  • fast iterations between consecutive versions of the application and incorporation of our Partner’s comments,
  • Dealavo’s qualifications in the processing of large volumes of different kinds of data (text, images).

Dealavo - who are we?

Dealavo is a provider of e-commerce analytics solutions for online shops and brands. It specializes in price monitoring and automation for e-shops and DPSM (Distribution, Pricing, Shelving, Merchandising) solutions for manufacturers.

Dealavo offers e-commerce data in two business models: 

  • As part of the B2B model, Dealavo delivers the application and data directly to online shops and manufacturers. You can read more about the model, among others, in articles about competitor price monitoring and MAP/MSRP tracking
  • As part of the B2B2B partnership model, Dealavo offers its qualifications and applications to service providers for online shops and manufacturers. You can read more about this model below.

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