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  • Quicklizard offers the ultimate dynamic pricing solution for e-commerce and omnichannel retailers. Their AI platform continuously tracks and analyzes multiple data sources, adjusting prices so businesses can stay profitable and competitive. Together with Quicklizard Dealavo can monitor, calculate and apply optimal prices based on real-time market trends. Thanks to this solution, our clients receive automatic price changes in response to real-time supply-demand and further increase e-commerce profitability.

  • Gap intelligence is a values-led company that works with manufacturers, resellers, and industry players within the IT, imaging, consumer electronics, and home appliance industries to bring them up-to-the-minute market intelligence. Through its partnership with Dealavo, gap intelligence will now offer online price monitoring services across 32 markets in Europe.

  • GoToRetail is an e-commerce advisory company, based in Norway and operating throughout the Nordic region. Together with GoToRetail we are cooperating on widely introducing Dealavo to companies in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark.

  • Skilltelligence uses a crowdsourcing model and mobile technologies to carry out research projects for companies. It provides clients with up-to-date and reliable information on prices, product display and sales procedures in stationary stores. The e-commerce tracking services carried out by Dealavo and offline channels’ monitoring implemented by Skillshare are complementary, so we are happy to recommend each other to clients who would like to observe all types of distribution channels.

  • Omega code is a Polish company established 8 years ago to provide IT solutions for leaders from the pharmaceutical, financial, investment, production and FMCG sectors. The partnership with Dealavo allows to have significant competitive advantage in terms of consistency and quality of data collected from the internet for further analysis. As part of cooperation with Dealavo, Omega Code launched the twojeceny.pl service.

  • Insaas is a company focused especially on deep learning methods and supervised learning. It offers applications for marketing purposes, market research and product development based on automated extraction and semantic aggregation of text. Thanks to the cooperation, Dealavo and Insaas can build valuable e-commerce insights and analyses for clients.

  • iCEA Group is the leader in SEM&SEO and the first SEO360 agency in Poland that has been specializing in positioning for e-commerce clients for many years. The cooperation with our partner guarantees not only the highest quality but also access to over 300 specialists across three continents – Europe, Asia and USA.


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