Price Monitoring and E-commerce Insights for Brands and E-shops

Thanks to Dealavo you will increase your revenue, defend your margins and build better relations with vendors or channels. How? Learn more…

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MAP Violation Detection

Dealavo enables brands to easily and quickly spot MAP Violations. You will react quickly thanks to email alerts and smart first violator detection.

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Dynamic Pricing for E-Shops

Automate your pricing policy thanks to the advanced Dynamic Pricing platform combining factors like competitive pricing, cost, stock, and conversion. How does it work? Learn more…

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Dealavo Smart Prices Toolkit

Dealavo platform offers extensive price and product monitoring toolkit for Brands and E-shops. Learn how e-commerce monitoring can impact your revenue, margins and relations with vendors, distributors or channels. You can cherry-pick modules below or contact us and Dealavo’s consultant will assist you.

Channel MAP Monitoring

Dynamic Pricing

Channel Benchmarking

Price Monitoring

Competitive Intelligence and Web Scraping

Channel MAP Monitoring

Monitor your channels and compare with your MAP/MSRP

Dealavo’s platform allows Brand to monitor and quickly spot MAP/MSRP violations in e-shops, marketplaces, auction portals and price comparison portals worldwide.

Flexible email alerts will help you act immediately and aggregated dashboards will help to analyze violators retrospectively to leverage your negotiation position.

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Dynamic Pricing

Automate your pricing and build competitive advantage

Nowadays the price is very transparent for online buyers who are becoming more and more price sensitive with a multitude of options just a few clicks away. It inflicts huge pressure on retailers to discount their prices so it’s becoming increasingly harder to keep pace with competitors in fragmented online markets.

Even with good pricing policy in place retailers face problems with implementing it given thousands of products and hundreds of competitors out there. Dealavo delivers a complete price management platform which combines data from inside and outside of the organization with powerful and proved pricing engine to help its customers thrive and make more money online.

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Brands Channels’ Benchmarking

Benchmark channels online

Relations with channels are an important factor for Brands as they define their success or failure. Brands pricing, visibility and positioning are defined in big part by channels through which brand is selling hence attitude of channel partners is a big factor in how Brand is seen by consumers.

These concerns are becoming even more important in the digital era of transparency online where every product is searched for and checked online.

Dealavo helps brands to regain control over how their products are sold and presented online. Thanks to Dealavo you can benchmark your channels online by compiling many factors into aggregated views and dashboards and observing predefined or custom made KPIs.

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Price Monitoring

Monitor prices in e-shops, marketplaces, auction portals

Monitoring prices of competitors for e-shops may be a very challenging task with tens of thousands of products in portfolios and hundreds of competitors in fragmented online market.

With websites changing its layouts, lack of product codes, poor categorization, mistaken parameters, names with typos etc. reliable data processing and cleansing may take long hours of IT departments and category managers.

The multitude of data vendors in the market promises fast effects but delivers automatically processed data only with unacceptable error rates disqualifying it for reliable decision making

Dealavo with its statistic algorithms, streamlined processes, semi-automatic back-office tools and a big team of QA & Data Cleaning operators can provide data quality expected by the customer and reliable enough to base an important business decision on it.

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Competitive Intelligence and Web Scraping

Don’t waste time on data collection and cleaning

Nowadays every business has access to lots of competitive intelligence data online which well used can constitute a huge competitive advantage. However, lot’s of companies face big costs of collecting, cleaning, processing, compiling and analyzing the abundance of data.

These problems can prevent them from making the decision and realizing value from this data. In global marketplace excellence and speed of execution earns premium over competitors.

Dealavos’ goal is to become a strategic partner for online businesses in data collection and processing in a way that makes decision-making easier, not harder. With technology and well-streamlined processes Dealavo can scrape, process, clean, map and aggregate competitive data for your business delivering it in form of KPIs and dashboards understood not only by analysts but also by decision makers and CxO’s.

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Every day we collect, process, compile and analyze competitive pricing and product data for E-shops and Brands

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In today's commercial reality, so dynamically shaped by the e-commerce channel, quick access to information and its analysis is crucial. Dealavo provides us with such access, delivering information on the execution of our strategy, distribution and pricing in the market. It is worth mentioning that nothing is impossible for Dealavo and their reaction speed corresponds to the speed with which the Internet operates today.


With Dealavo we are able to respond better and quicker to price changes on the market. Very helpful application that is worth recommending especially to companies from the IT sector


Cooperation with Dealavo runs perfectly. Dealavo team is always at our disposal, all kinds of requests, suggestions are always taken into account. The tool is systematically improving and new features are constantly introduced. Recommended!


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