Price Monitoring and E-commerce Insights for Brands and E-shops

Thanks to Dealavo you will increase your revenue, defend your margins and build better relations with vendors or channels. How? Learn more…

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MAP Violation Detection

Dealavo enables brands to easily and quickly spot MAP Violations. You will react quickly thanks to email alerts and smart first violator detection.

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Dynamic Pricing for E-Shops

Automate your pricing policy thanks to the advanced Dynamic Pricing platform combining factors like competitive pricing, cost, stock, and conversion. How does it work? Learn more…

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What does Dealavo Smart Prices offer?

For brands

  • Price and promotion tracking

    Price and promotion tracking

    Monitor your products' prices online, detect MAP/MSRP deviations

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  • Distribution reports

    Distribution reports

    Check market coverage with your products and compare with your competitors'

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  • In-store search results monitoring

    In-store search results monitoring

    See the positions of your products and increase your share of virtual shelf

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  • Banner monitoring

    Banner monitoring

    Track your brand visibility in online stores

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For e-shops

  • Competitor price monitoring

    Competitor price monitoring

    Track prices and promotions of the competing e-shops

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  • Dynamic Pricing

    Dynamic Pricing

    Automate your pricing policy based on internal and external data

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Every day we collect, process, compile and analyze competitive pricing and product data for E-shops and Brands

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Our clients about us


In today's commercial reality, so dynamically shaped by the e-commerce channel, quick access to information and its analysis is crucial. Dealavo provides us with such access, delivering information on the execution of our strategy, distribution and pricing in the market. It is worth mentioning that nothing is impossible for Dealavo and their reaction speed corresponds to the speed with which the Internet operates today.


With Dealavo we are able to respond better and quicker to price changes on the market. Very helpful application that is worth recommending especially to companies from the IT sector


Cooperation with Dealavo runs perfectly. Dealavo team is always at our disposal, all kinds of requests, suggestions are always taken into account. The tool is systematically improving and new features are constantly introduced. Recommended!


On our blog you will find the latest information: publications and reports on price monitoring, competition monitoring, pricing strategies, e-commerce and Business Intelligence.

The most important shopping days and how to benefit from them

If there’s one thing you can be certain about in the online world, it’s the sales boost on special days. Why? Because shoppers are actively looking to find the best deals and spend their hard earned cash. The very first thing you need to do if you are a brand, retailer or manufacturer is to…

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The Ultimate Guide to MAP/MSRP Monitoring

Management of MAP (Minimum Advertised Prices) and MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is becoming more and more important for brands. According to the research, the typical brand that has many different online distributors, faced with price violations among 23% of all products. This is not all. The average price drop on products is 17% below…

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E-commerce Pricing in 2019 – what should we expect?

The year 2018 proved us one more time the importance of online price management. One of the most recent researches, shows that 88% of online shoppers still want to see the most attractive price and 54% of them abandon their cart if they find a better deal. That’s why monitoring e-commerce pricing trends should not…

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