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What is Idealo?

Idealo stands out as a premier price comparison platform and e-commerce engine, originating from Germany in 2000. It serves as a vital resource for consumers across Europe, including the UK, Italy, France, and Spain. With its intuitive interface, Idealo empowers users to sift through products based on price, reviews, and rankings, streamlining the decision-making process amidst fluctuating price values across various retailers.

Diverse factors contribute to price discrepancies on e-commerce platforms, as evidenced by research from ehandel.com. Notably, prices for specific electronic goods vary depending on the seller’s country of origin. Idealo steps in as a solution, enabling consumers to pinpoint the most competitive prices on the market, thereby optimizing both their savings and time investment.

Ensuring data accuracy is paramount for Idealo, achieved through a meticulous blend of website screen scraping and CSV files. This meticulous approach fosters a robust and dependable database, fortified by an automated matching system and a dedicated team of content curators.

In addition to facilitating price comparison, Idealo offers a comprehensive suite of features, including a price history tracker, price alerts, and pricing rules. Its user-friendly interface extends to the Idealo Price Comparison App, providing seamless access to the platform’s offerings on the go. Whether it’s hunting for the best deals or tracking market changes, Idealo remains the go-to destination for online shopping enthusiasts seeking the lowest prices and the most enticing deals.

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Why should you sell on Idealo?

In the current landscape of cutthroat competition among e-commerce platforms, the rivalry between giants like Amazon and Google Shopping is palpable. Yet, amidst this fierce contest, Idealo emerges as a standout choice, offering a myriad of benefits that warrant attention:

  1. User-friendly Interface: While profitability and advanced features are crucial, navigating complex account management systems can be daunting. Idealo simplifies this process with its intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring that everything you need is just a click away.
  2. Advanced Filtering and Ranking: Idealo excels in aiding consumers not only in finding products but also in making informed decisions based on reliable feedback from fellow shoppers. Its robust filtering and ranking sections enhance the shopping experience, facilitating confident purchases.
  3. No Listing Fees: Idealo fosters a level playing field by eliminating listing fees, promoting fair competition among vendors. This policy encourages businesses of all sizes to thrive without financial barriers.
  4. Climate Neutral Policy: In an era where environmental sustainability is paramount, Idealo distinguishes itself with its commitment to a Climate Neutral policy. Prioritizing ecological responsibility, Idealo ensures that sales growth doesn’t come at the expense of the natural world, aligning business success with environmental stewardship.


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We monitor your competitors’ prices

Idealo Price Monitoring

Even though Idealo is a user-friendly e-commerce platform, you shouldn’t forget that price monitoring is crucial in becoming a successful e-seller. 

On Idealo vendors have a few possibilities to follow the price changes. One of them is a tracking performance pixel. Additionally, these pixels also give the vendor a full customer history of activity which may be helpful e.g. to improve pricing strategy in the future.

To improve sales volume as well as keep an eye on competitors, we also highly recommend using modern monitoring automation tools, such as Dealavo. It is a platform that uses technically advanced algorithms to enable comparing prices of products from the websites chosen by the customer. The data gathered by the tool is then presented in the form of clear, readymade reports that are updated even every 15 minutes.

This way, you can get a complete view of the European e-commerce market, without having to check hundreds of websites or product sites manually. 

With the Idealo price comparison app, shoppers gain access to real-time price comparisons, historical data and price alerts. Whether it’s tracking market changes, searching for the lowest price or the best deals, Idealo’s comprehensive comparison portals ensure that consumers find exactly what they need at the best possible price. Shopping becomes not just a transaction, but an experience tailored to the needs of the experienced consumer.


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Idealo Price Automation

Undoubtedly, one of the principal tools you should use when monitoring prices on Idealo is dynamic pricing. Dealavo allows you not only to track prices but also to adapt them automatically to the conditions of the market based on the predefined rules. In this situation, when the price of the competition drops, your offer will be immediately adapted to the price change. In this way, your e-shop can keep the competitive advantage without any additional effort, and you can easily control margins and, as a result, increase your profits.

Idealo emerges as a refreshing alternative. Its intuitive platform simplifies the complexities of account management, making it accessible to shoppers of all levels. It offers more than just ease of use. With advanced filtering and ranking features, shoppers can navigate through a sea of products with confidence, relying on the opinions of fellow consumers. And with no listing fees, Idealo promotes a level playing field, allowing small vendors to compete alongside industry giants.

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Dealavo & Idealo – API integration for e-commerce retailers

Dealavo price monitoring tool can be easily integrated with Idealo through our API. API documentation is available after logging into the “Files” section. You can also get access to all the data through the links that we share. The first contains up-to-date information from the market and the second – is an optimized product feed.

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What are the major functionalities of Dealavo for Idealo shop owners?

Firstly, you will understand the market – its volume, dynamics, and key players.
Secondly, by the instant reaction to the price change, you will increase your competitive strength.
We will recommend you the best price for your product.
Also, we will explain the source of your income changes.
Furthermore, you will be able to spot price wars beginnings on the market.
All provided data may be easily analyzed, which will save you money and time.

What sites can be monitored with the Dealavo Price Tracking Software?

We can track any site you want.

Price comparison websites, marketplaces or even specific sites like Amazon or your competitors’ sites. Our price tracking platform can successfully monitor all of them

Which countries can be monitored with Dealavo?

With Dealavo Pricing Tool Software we can track prices in any country you ask us for.

How often the system can update the prices in my shop according to the price rules?

Thanks to the Dynamic Pricing platform and all the collected data, our algorithm can recommend a price that will attract the client, as well as guarantee you optimal profits. The system update may occur even a few times a day.

What does Dealavo use to monitor prices?

Dealavo Price Tracking Tool monitors prices using many methods. The main factors allowing price tracking are names of products, EAN codes, GTIN codes, ASIN codes and many more.

The usage of a variety of tracking tools allows Dealavo to track prices as accurately as possible.

Does Dealavo monitor different sizes of products?

Yes, Dealavo Pricing Tool allows businesses to track different-sized products.

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