What is a price monitoring tool?

A price monitoring tool is an application in which you can see data on product prices and availability collected from multiple sources in a single panel. Thanks to the clear presentation of the data, you can easily examine figures from the e-commerce market and make business decisions based on them. Alerts informing you of relevant changes in the market and opportunities to increase profit make it even easier.

With price monitoring, online shops can compare prices with competitors and adjust their prices to the market situation, while manufacturers receive data on the prices in their distribution network.

Sites that can be monitored include:

  • marketplaces (e.g., Amazon),
  • price comparison sites (e.g., Idealo, Google Shopping),
  • online shops.

Additionally, Dealavo offers:

  • a price automation tool (dynamic pricing, repricing),
  • monitoring of promotions and banners,
  • competitive assortment analysis,
  • as well as other customized reports.
dealavo tool screen

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Monitor prices all over the world

Does your company operate in several countries?

With the Dealavo tool, you can monitor prices and e-commerce in any country. We currently monitor more than 30 markets, working with international companies and local markets’ representatives.

Why choose Dealavo?

  • High quality and stability of the provided data – we guarantee data accuracy reaching up to 99% under an SLA.
  • Flexibility regarding the form of the data we provide – we offer a functional and clear application and data in the Excel, API or JSON format.
  • High-quality customer service – we treat every Partner and Customer individually. We maintain an NPS (net promoter score) of 70 or more.

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