How to increase your Google Shopping Campaign by 29% in one month, and outsmart competitors? case. is an online sports shop, also running a chain of brick-and-mortar shops under the names of Nike & Adidas throughout Poland. Their assortment includes not only sportswear, running shoes, or sports gear but also street fashion in the broad sense. places importance on high-quality products. Within their offer, one may find clothing made by world-class manufacturers, and their business model is based mainly on providing access to the newest collections – both online and offline. Apart from the shop owns also related websites, such as and which belong to the same, larger brand. offers the newest Nike & Adidas collections. Their sportswear you may find in, and, as well as in offline shops in main shopping malls in Poland.

Google Shopping Campaigns for Retail

The main characteristic of the retail industry is a high demand for the latest commodities from distributors. Employees emphasize that whenever a new product appears, they are not afraid of the lack of demand. However, when talking about the newest offer, price management is a crucial factor that guarantees the profitability of the shops, and even – of the entire industry. Thus, holds a developed Shopping Department, responsible for the price setting of particular products.

To sum up – the major features of the retail industry, that belongs to are:

  • high demand for new collections,
  • market segmentation for sports gear and street fashion,
  • strong season and weather dependence,
  • customer segmentation for online & offline buyers (omnichannel),
  • changeable margins,
  • fierce global competitive landscape.

Shopping Google Shopping Price Management used Dealavo to adjust their prices on Google Shopping to competitors’ prices, and increase ROAS level. The task was not easy as the market is full of competitive retailers who want to attract new clients with low prices. Juggling between a profitable margin and sales volume has a great impact on the company’s profitability and its position in the industry.

Nevertheless, with a help of Dealavo solutions, managed to increase their ROAS by 29% within one month! Just check yourself!

Also, on Dealavo’s website, you’ll find a Free Product Analysis for Google Shopping Ads.

Which pricing rules you can implement with Dealavo?

Dealavo app allows you to set pricing rules for your e-store that dynamically adjust to your market conditions. What does it mean? Dynamic Pricing (also known as repricing) is a feature that guarantees price changes according to chosen pricing rules. Among the most popular pricing rules, you may find:

  • Below/above-selected competitors – if we use this rule, the algorithm will generate lower or higher prices than the prices of our selected competitors.
  • Based on ranking position
  • Based on markup max/min. limits,
  • Based on max/min. prices,
  • Price Optimization in case of lack of competitors,
  • With variable priorities – when our major rule cannot be implemented, the next one is taken into consideration,
  • Using different rules for different channels.

Dealavo software offers a wide range of Dynamic Pricing implementations for your e-store. One of the easiest ones is through integrations. At the moment, Dealavo provides an automatic integration for platforms such as IdoSell, Baselinker, and WooCommerce. Other methods include file implementation as well as API. You can also conduct A/B tests to check the influence of the price on your sales volume, especially when you belong to such a competitive industry as does.

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