Zilliant Alternative: choose the best price monitoring software

Price tracking software is a must-have in today’s e-commerce world. Knowing your competitor’s moves is key if you want to compete with them.
Looking for Zilliant alternative? 
In this article, we will break down all the differences between Zilliant and Dealavo. We will mainly focus on basic and advanced features, costs, and implementation. With our help, not only you will be given all the information needed, but you will also know which tool suits your company the best.

Dynamic or static pricing?

When setting up a business, one of the key questions the owner has to ask himself is whether to choose dynamic or static pricing.
Static pricing is more of a traditional model in which a product’s price is fixed and stays the same regardless of changing market trends or competitors’ moves.
This method can be extremely useful when it comes to manufacturers as they are keener on establishing fixed prices for every single customer they have.
On the other hand, there’s dynamic pricing that gives the opportunity to change products’ prices multiple times, as soon as a product’s price starts to fluctuate due to competitors’ moves or demand changes.
This strategy is widely used in the e-commerce sector. Changing a product’s price might be vital when it comes to adapting to new market trends or just staying ahead of the competition.
Dynamic pricing is getting more and more popular in the e-commerce industry, as it fits its principles – often price changes and strong demand fluctuations.
Both Zilliant and Dealavo enable their clients to monitor, set, and develop new prices, based on accurate data about competitors’ actions, demand, and supply changes. That is very important to create sales with proper prices.
In the e-commerce sector, the more accurate the prices are, the more clients they can satisfy. As simple as that. Let’s be honest, nowadays everyone looks for cheaper alternatives to a given product online.
Repricing is the best way to efficiently stick with the implementation of a given pricing policy.

What’s easier to use – Zilliant or Daelavo?

Nowadays no one wants to get stuck using complicated software or drawn in endless unclear features that they offer.
Furthermore, the best thing to do is to differentiate a company’s primary goals. If a tool is well-matched with a company, it’s naturally easier to use. That said, the choice of e-commerce tool depends on features that are crucial for a given brand.
For some firms, accurately tracking competitors’ prices is the main focus, while for others it may be getting all the possible data as soon as possible. Zilliant is a tool created mainly for manufacturing, distribution, high-tech, and industrial service companies.
Dealavo, on the other hand, focuses more on businesses that mainly rely on repricings, such as brands and e-shops. It’s also a great tool for marketplaces and price comparison websites.
The twofold structure (divided into brands and e-shops) allows Dealavo to meet the company’s profile and main needs, as it was made exactly for that type of business. Dealavo is an easy-to-use price tracking software that can be used in a very wide spectrum of businesses, collecting tons of data from many e-commerce channels and presenting it in the most convenient way
This tool not only helps in everyday actions such as repricing or price monitoring, but it’s also crucial when it comes to planning long-term goals such as pricing or distribution strategies. 

Dealavo as a Zilliant alternative – essential features

Zilliant is a tool created for companies focused more on industrial service, high-tech market and manufacturing strategies. Dealavo suits all kinds of companies with dynamic pricing features. Dealavo compared to Zilliant stands out with features like:

The most important feature that distinguishes Dealavo from Zilliant is Banner Monitoring. That’s a clutch functionality as it lets monitor banners being shown in regard to other companies’ ones. Dealavo not only allows tracking competitors’ banners but also comparing them over time so that it’s much easier to plan promotion calendars.
Banner Monitoring is a stellar functionality as it allows verifying if your business partner fulfils trade terms regarding banners display on their website.


Dealavo is known for its instant implementation.
Want Dealavo’s software here and now? Good! Implementation of the tool takes no longer than one day!

Trial Version

Another key difference between Dealavo and Zilliant is that the first one allows users to actually get to know the tool before purchasing it.
Dealavo enables a free demo of the software upon request, as it dispels any doubts about the tool.
Getting to know the tool really pays off as you can easily check if it suits your company in a nick of time.

Zilliant and Dealavo – advanced features comparison.

When you are running an e-commerce store or brand, there are a couple of features that can really skyrocket your sales. The more personalized options you can add to your online shop, the better you react to your clients’ needs.
Here is the data presentation featured compared across both tools:
As you can see, both Dealavo and Zilliant have a lot to offer, but Dealavo comes out on top with the Banner Monitoring feature, free trial option and implementation time. 


Zilliant offer individual pricing that has to be negotiated before the purchase. Dealavo’s prices start at 140$ per month.