Free Report Google Shopping Ads

  • Price and promotion tracking

    Which products are worth increasing the advertising budget for?

    And which ones are better off cutting budgets or being excluded from advertising.

  • Distribution reports

    How many competitor listings on Google Shopping do your products have?

    If your product has no competing offers then there is no point in setting up ads, but if you have 300 competitors in addition offering at a similar price then it is worth highlighting the offer with a well-set product ad.

  • In-store search results monitoring

    Which Google Shopping ranking do your specific offers occupy?

    You will find out which position your specific offers rank in Google Shopping Ads. If your listing is on the 3rd, 4th or 10th page in Google Shopping then even with the ads set up they are likely to be unprofitable.

  • Banner monitoring

    Which of your products have the greatest profit potential relative to your competitors?

    Which products are you making the most profit on? Perhaps you can identify a few ‘gems’ from these that will perform well in your campaigns and are worth increasing your advertising budget for?


How much does the report cost?

Nothing – the report is free till the end of September 2022. Then it will be available only in the paid version.

What do we need to make the report?

Product feed (xlsx or CSV file) of up to 500 SKUs containing EAN codes, prices and product names. Alternatively, purchase prices can also be included in the file – so we can calculate the expected margin and provide more accurate results in the report, and suggest interesting changes that do not interfere with your margins and sales profit.

Are there any limitations regarding the report?

Every online shop can download 1 free version of the report per month for up to 500 products (1 EAN = 1 SKU). The paid version can be used freely in the form of reports or subscriptions – you can find out more about this in a consultation, which you can sign up for here.

Where does the data come from?

The data comes from the Google Shopping channel.

I would like to monitor prices on a regular basis or/and track more websites. Is it possible?

Yes – it is possible with Dealavo’s paid tool. It enables you to regularly monitor prices on a special platform with a much wider range of information and from any website, you would like to monitor. You can make an appointment for a product demo here.

My products do not have EAN codes. Can I still monitor them?

Yes – in this case we encourage you to contact us. We can monitor products by parameters such as the manufacturer code MPN, product name and in some cases even a product photo – in this matter, we can provide more information at an appointment you can schedule here.