Competitoor Alternatives For E-commerce – Choose The Best Solution for You

Success in the dynamic world of e-commerce requires a solid understanding of pricing monitoring mechanics. In order to strengthen your e-store’s price strategy, in this article, we will be delving deeply into some Competitoor alternatives for e-commerce. We will also compare its features with those that Dealavo, our own price monitoring tool, has in stock for you.


Competitoor is an advanced competition tracking tool for e-commerce businesses that lets you monitor your market seamlessly. It is crucial to be equipped with tools like this when you want to conquer the dynamic world of e-commerce.

Possessing knowledge about the current market situation is vital for any e-commerce business growth. Competitoor gives its users access to information that can really turn the tables.

Competitoor boasts with 98,5% data precision, according to their official website. It also features a considerable range of possible customisation options. Apart from that, it looks like the Competitoor’s team is really into numbers since according to their calculations, their tool lets its users analyse the competitors’ assortment about 70% faster and get an around 19% increase in capitalising on the newest trends.

The aim of this article is to both present the Competitoor’s features and suggest Competitoor alternatives that can also be a great price monitoring solution for e-store owners. We’d like to compare Competitoor to one of its alternatives, by which we mean our own tool for e-commerce – Dealavo. So, check out for yourself how Competitoor stands up against Dealavo.

Why Is Competition Price Monitoring So Important?

In order to grow the business, it’s critical to keep an eye on the prices set by the competitors as well as make wise strategic marketing judgments around pricing. Continuous pricing fluctuations, which are driven by consumer demand along with what kind of user visit the website, serves as one of the most popular pricing tactics employed by website managers.

E-commerce tools like Competitoor help businesses improve their market position by letting them monitor their competition and adjust their pricing strategies accordingly to the market dynamics. Armed with the detailed data Competitoor collects, e-store owners can modify their pricing strategies to stay ahead of their competitors in a huge, yet crowded environment such as the world of e-commerce.

Competitoor’s advanced features, divided into two section: brand intelligence and retailer intelligence, offer a vast selection of useful solutions. Powered and enhanced by the AI algorithms, Competitoor’s capabilities are surely something a well-organised e-commerce business owner cannot miss.

Price Monitoring Tools – What Are They?

Competitoor and other price monitoring tools are essential software components that enable companies to keep control over their e-commerce pricing strategy. They enable you to maintain your competitiveness in the market by monitoring the prices of your rivals and giving you insightful information.

Price monitoring tools enable their users to keep track of their and their competitors’ prices automatically. Large-scale pricing data collection, analysis, and processing are the primary features of most price monitoring tools. In order to give their users a competitive edge, tools for price monitoring are always on the lookout for your competitors’ moves across many e-commerce platforms. They constantly scan the market and bring you valuable data that allows you to make more accurate, data-driven pricing moves regarding your e-commerce business.

One needs to take several things into considerations when choosing the right price monitoring tool. Think of potential limitations and benefits that may require additional purchases. The choice is huge when it comes to selecting your favourite price monitoring tool, but it is of utmost importance to rethink a variety of factors before you decide on something.

Competitoor’s variety of features makes it difficult to point at its flagship functionality. As it is stated on their website, Competitoor’s team consists of marketing specialists and strategists that are always willing to help your e-commerce business maximise its sales and improve its competitiveness on the market. Nevertheless, it’s important to stress Competitoor’s Brand Intelligence set of features. Aimed at supporting brands, it includes numerous useful solutions for brands wishing to boost their e-commerce presence.

However, in this article, we’d also like to take a look at a Competitoor alternative of our own. By this, we mean Dealavo, our price monitoring and competition tracking tool that will keep you updated about the current market situation across 30+ markets worldwide.

Competitoor – Main Features

Competitoor’s features divide into two distinct sections: Brand Intelligence and Retailer Intelligence. Both cater for a variety of useful functionalities for e-stores.

Competitoor is a great e-commerce tool for competition tracking. With its customisation options and user-friendly interface, Competitoor is a big help for any team. According to Competitoor’s site, the tool can boost your sales by about 20% and increase your margins by 8%. All of this thanks to its AI-powered functionalities regarding price optimisation, product matching, and many others.

To name just a few useful features that Competitoor offers, it’s worth considering the following:

  • reseller price monitoring for brands,
  • ancillary costs monitoring (i.e. shipping, taxing, product handling, and so on),
  • competitive bechmarking for brands,
  • merchandising monitoring,
  • historical data and trend analysis,
  • price management (including Dynamic Pricing, price comparison, geopricing, product matching, and more).

To check whether Competitoor is the price monitoring tool your e-commerce business needs, you can book a demo on their website, and see how it works.

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Booking a Competitoor’s demo on their website, źródło:

Competitoor’s pros:

  • separate, specialised features for both retailers and brands,
  • complex data analysis,
  • AI-powered pricing management,
  • multi-layered competition tracking solutions (including competitive benchmarking, competitive merchandising, or promotions monitoring),
  • geopricing (useful for international e-commerce businesses).
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Competitoor’s geopricing lets you measure average price differences for products in certain countries, sources:

Competitoor’s cons:

  • Dynamic Pricing requires separate fees for each rule set-up,
  • some services may seem quite costly.


Comparing Competitoor vs Dealavo

A Polish Competitoor alternative, Dealavo, is a global-reach price monitoring and competition tracking tool for e-commerce. Among the advanced Dealavo’s solutions, there are services like Dynamic Pricing, intuitive price alerts, repricing, Competitor’s Assortment Report, marketplace monitoring, and other useful functionalities.

One of Dealavo’s main pros is its double data verification process. First, the data collected is being verified by the advanced Machine Learning algorithms. Then, the Dealavo Quality Assurance team check the data manually.

price monitoring system
Dealavo’s features are based on advanced Machine Learning algorithms

Besides, Dealavo also offers complex repricing features, including Dynamic Pricing for retailers and e-stores with the possibility to set your own pricing rules. It’s especially useful in case you wish to boost your chances on platforms like Google Shopping where the level of competitiveness is super-high.

Last but not least, if you feel like testing this technology yourself to see if it really fits your needs, Dealavo has a free seven-day trial for you.

Dealavo’s pros:

  • two types of integrations: through API and direct integration into ERP systems,
  • double verification process (75% of all mappings are done by AI),
  • robust Dynamic Pricing with custom rule setting,
  • Intuitive and customisable pricing alerts.
dynamic pricing
 Dealavo price monitoring systems involve several distinct factors

Dealavo’s cons:

  • some API may need slight improvements,
  • quite complex UI (especially for the new users).


Competitoor vs Dealavo – feature comparison

Competition tracking tool for e-stores. Heavily dependent on advanced AI algorithms for precise market research.Using machine learning algorithms to analyse vast volumes of data, this solution for price monitoring and competition tracking offers advanced pricing management capabilities.
features for retailers and brands
merchandising monitoring
bechmarking analysis for brands
integrations via API and SaaS platform
daily webcrawling
high (98,5%) data accuracy
robust Dynamic Pricing
intuitive price alerts
dedicated Customer Success Managers
2 ways of integrations: API and direct,
advanced data visualisation,
Competitor’s Assortment Report.


We hope that our comparison of Competitoor vs. Dealavo has given you the information you needed to make your final decision. By considering the differences between Competitoor and Dealavo as well as their pros and cons, you are able to choose which one of them will prove most beneficial regarding the scaling of your e-store.

Competitoor is all about the competition on the e-commerce market. Its complex features and services cater for a variety of needs your company may have. Dealavo, on the other hand, excels in data collection and visualisation, together with its double data verification process.
All in all, it’s hard to pick a better option here. Our Competitoor vs Dealavo comparison leaves no ultimate winner, so the decision rests on you. Weigh your potential benefits from using each of these e-commerce tools to make your choice. Of course, you can still try our free 7-day trial version to see if Dealavo is able to meet your preferences.