Competera Alternatives For E-stores – Choose The Best Option for Your E-commerce Business

In the rapidly evolving world of e-commerce, selecting the right price monitoring tool is not just important but critical for success. This article is your comprehensive guide to Competera alternatives. Aiming at empowering your e-store’s pricing strategy, we will explore the functionalities of Competera and compare them with what other e-commerce tools, like Dealavo, have to offer in terms of price monitoring and repricing.


Competera has long been a prominent player in the e-commerce domain, enabling retailers and brands to maintain optimal prices in real-time. To prove their professionalism, Competera’s team boast several awards. For its involvement in the e-commerce market, Competera has been awarded, for example, with 2023 Best Retail Insights by Vendors In Partnerships Awards or Artificial Intelligence Project of the Year 2020 award.

Catering to various retail models, whether online, offline, omnichannel, or mono- and multi-brand setups, Competera is able to support any e-commerce company with a personalised offer.

Here, we would like to talk about what are the key elements of Competera’s offer, simultaneously comparing it to other similar solutions, such as our own pricing management tool – Dealavo.

Why Is Competition Price Monitoring So Important?

Monitoring competitors is not just a good practice but a necessity in e-commerce. It provides valuable insights into market dynamics, consumer behaviour, and most importantly, pricing strategies.

E-commerce companies are able to stay visible, appealing, and competitive in the eyes of online buyers by using price monitoring to assist them traverse the complex web of pricing nuances. The significance of price monitoring cannot be overstated, especially in platforms like Google Shopping, where even minor price discrepancies can significantly impact sales and market positioning.

Tools like Competera are indispensable for e-commerce entrepreneurs aiming to stay ahead in the highly competitive digital marketplace. Dynamic pricing and automatic repricing solutions, powered by AI technology, will make it much easier for e-commerce owners to plan and implement the pricing strategies their companies need.

What Are Price Monitoring Tools?

With price monitoring tools, you can maintain control over your e-commerce pricing strategy. By monitoring the prices of your competitors, you are able to maintain your competitiveness and gain a stronger position in the market.

Price monitoring tools are essential software solutions for e-commerce businesses, allowing them to maintain control over their pricing strategy and gain insights into competitor pricing dynamics. When choosing a price monitoring tool, it’s crucial to consider several factors such as functionality, ease of use, and scalability. They work automatically to collect and analyse huge amounts of pricing-related data. Depending on which tool you’d eventually pick, some offer more advanced competition tracking options, while others may focus mainly on marketplaces, such as Amazon or eBay.

Given the abundance of options for price monitoring tools, it is essential to weigh a variety of aspects before making the final decision. You should also think about any potential restrictions and features that may require extra fees (like increasing the number of SKUs managed).

Competera is one of such tools. It offers a comprehensive suite of features, including coherent pricing workflows, elasticity-based price setting, and precise competitor data collection. We’ll see how Competera empowers retailers to make data-driven pricing decisions, comparing it to Dealavo – our suggested Competera alternative.

price monitoring system
Price monitoring system, source:

Competera – Main Features

Competera’s flagship functionality are its highly-advanced, AI-powered competitive pricing solutions. According to its creators, Competera’s significant personalisation options and elasticity can greatly smoothen e-commerce pricing management.

Using Competera as a price monitoring and repricing tool in e-commerce may help you get rid of any possible human errors during manual price setting. This leads to margin optimisation and revenue maximising. According to Competera’s website, it’s up to 6-8% of revenue recovered.

Competera offers a wide array of features and solutions which are divided into five main categories:

  • Pricing Platform – serving as automatic pricing management tool, Competera supports e-stores in building customer trust through constant AI recalculation of real-time product prices,
  • Competitive Data – collecting and analysing large amounts of market data through scraping and crawling makes it much easier for e-store owners to make precise, data-driven pricing decisions,
  • Pricing Automation – eliminating the risk of human errors with customisable, self-service pricing algorithms configuration,
  • Price Optimisation – giving price recommendations on the basis of demand patterns and 20+ other factors, regardless of the number of products (all powered by the AI engines),
  • Competera X – separate features focusing on marketplace users wishing to maximise their Amazon Buy Box win ratio and to avoid problematic price wars.

There’s a possibility to schedule a market test with a Competera representative. It’s a 3-step process. First, we’re asked to give our basic info like name and email address, then we get a call discussing possible challenges, and lastly, a demo is presented to us to highlight the advantages of using the tool in our individual situation.

Competera offers advanced price optimisation options, source:

Competera offers advanced price optimization capabilities

Competera’s pros:

  • high elasticity with pricing automation,
  • Competera’s Dynamic Pricing engine software – a powerhouse for retailers seeking flexibility and agility in their pricing strategies,
  • 20+ factors being taken into consideration by the AI while optimising product prices,
  • the expertise of Competera Pricing Architects adds a human touch to the technology-driven features,
  • limitless number of products managed with Competera X price optimisation.

Competera X – price optimisation, source:


Competera’s cons:

  • higher costs with more users added (pay per use),
  • price monitoring doesn’t include delivery costs (the final product prices for the end customers may vary).


Competera vs Dealavo

Dealavo, a notable Competera alternative, offers a comprehensive e-commerce monitoring platform designed to enhance e-store performance. With features such as Dynamic Pricing, competition tracking, and intuitive price alerts, Dealavo provides retailers with the tools they need to stay competitive in the market.

Dealavo’s global reach across 30+ markets and a set of advanced pricing solutions allow e-store owners to monitor prices on a global scale. Combining this with Dealavo’s Dynamic Pricing for a relatively low cost makes for a solid Competera alternative for both smaller and bigger e-commerce companies.

dynamic pricing
Dealavo’s Advanced Price Monitoring and Dynamic Pricing includes an artificial intelligence-based scraping and matching system, source


With the support of machine learning, Dealavo’s users can adjust their prices dynamically based on market demand and competitor pricing dynamics. All to gain the upper hand over the competition.

Dealavo also has a free 7-day trial available for anybody who would like to see if this price monitoring tool is suitable for their specific needs.

Dealavo’s pros:

  • dedicated Customer Success Managers provide personalized support and assistance to retailers,
  • customisable price alerts,
  • global reach (30+ markets),
  • high quality of the data provided,
  • price tracking, especially useful for brands and manufacturers,
  • advanced, AI-powered Dynamic Pricing feature,
Dealavo Dashboard Panel
Dealavo’s price monitoring provides a wealth of useful data for e-commerce business owners

Dealavo’s cons:

  • the interface might be quite unintuitive for the new users,
  • repricing feature could use some more customisation options.


Feature comparison – Competera vs Dealavo 

Competera Dealavo
AI pricing tool for e-commerce with high degree of elasticity and customisation options. A winner of multiple e-commerce industry awards, including 2022 Best Retail Insights Solution. Price monitoring and competition tracking tool for e-commerce businesses. Advanced AI-powered pricing solutions, such as Dynamic Pricing, are its flagship features.
high elasticity and flexibility
custom data scraping and matching
constant manual data verification by the qualified staffIn-depth data visualisation
full crawling (extracting valuable data from e-commerce websites)
lost margins recovery
AI-powered price intelligence
user-friendly, intuitive price alerts
API integrations (Magento, Shopify, Google Shopping, Amazon and more)
ERP systems integrations (e.g. Subiekt GT),
automatic repricing and advanced Dynamic Pricing features,
Competitor’s Assortment Report to compare your offer with the competition


Both Competera and Dealavo offer robust features designed to help retailers maintain a competitive edge in the e-commerce market. Once you identify your company’s needs, you’ll be able to pick the right pricing tool just for your business.

Competera might be good for you if you’re looking for high flexibility and advanced price optimisation algorithms. Also, if you’d like to focus on selling on Amazon Marketplace, Competera X should give you what you need in that case.

Looking for a more global solution? Then Dealavo’s offer might the right choice. Our advanced, AI-powered Dynamic Pricing can really turn the tables when it comes to gaining competitive advantage on the e-commerce market.
Nevertheless, by looking at the Competera vs Dealavo comparison, we can see that both these tools can be of a great use either for smaller, or for a bit larger companies. Regardless of what your final decision is going to be, Dealavo is here to offer you our 7-day trial without any costs.