PREISmonitoring Alternatives For E-stores – Choose The Best Option for Your E-commerce Business

In the dynamic realm of e-commerce, staying ahead with effective price monitoring tools is paramount. There are numerous tools for e-commerce businesses that may help you achieve competitiveness in the world market. Here, we’ll look at PREISmonitoring, a German solution for pricing automation in e-commerce. We’d also like to suggest you Dealavo as PREISmonitoring alternative.


The background of TriPuls Media Innovations GmbH combines more than 20 years of experience in creative media production, technology knowledge, and strategic advisory services. PREISmonitoring is their e-commerce tool for price automation that aims at eliminating manual control costs and ensuring data accuracy for e-shop owners.

PREISmonitoring’s main focus are online shops and marketplaces where the tool can track your product prices in order to gain valuable data and present it to you. The main advantage of PREISmonitoring, according to its creators, is the tools’ flexibility. Users can set their individual update intervals, decide about the export files formats, and plan other aspects of their price monitoring strategy.

The aim of this article is to show you the main features of PREISmonitoring as well as suggest PREISmonitoring alternatives like Dealavo, our own e-commerce tool for pricing automation.

What Is The Importance of Competition Price Monitoring?

Watchful observation of the pricing strategies of your competitors is no longer a choice but a strategic necessity in the dynamic world of e-commerce. Price monitoring helps e-commerce businesses navigate the intricate web of pricing intricacies, ensuring they stay visible, attractive, and competitive in the eyes of online shoppers.

PREISmonitoring is one of tools for e-commerce that can make e-shop owners’ lives much easier and their e-shops much more profitable. Thanks to constant price monitoring and providing up-to-date data about the competition pricing strategies, PREISmonitoring has been one of the leading providers of the price monitoring features in the German market for more than 15 years now.

The widespread use of e-commerce platforms like Google Shopping further demonstrates the significance of price monitoring. Small variations in the market could have a big impact on overall sales, thus, e-commerce entrepreneurs should keep a close eye on the prices of their products.

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Understanding Price Monitoring Tools

Programs known as price monitoring tools give you the ability to keep control over your e-commerce pricing strategy. You can stay competitive and secure a better position in the market by keeping an eye on your competitors’ prices.

Price monitoring tools play a crucial role in the world of e-commerce, serving as essential components for businesses aiming to stay competitive. They are functional instruments designed to collect, analyze, and process data related to product pricing. They operate as automated systems, systematically tracking and recording pricing information from various sources.

In light of the multitude of available price monitoring tool alternatives, it is crucial to consider numerous factors before making a final decision. When selecting the right software, consider any potential limitations and capabilities that call for additional purchases (such as a premium subscription).

One such tool is PREISmonitoring, one of the German e-commerce market leaders with a noteworth set of features that can be truly useful for those starting out in e-commerce. Additionally, we’ll also discuss our proposed PREISmonitoring alternative – Dealavo.

PREISmonitoring – Main Features

PREISmonitoring creators highlight their tool’s high flexibility and capability to adapt to their customers’ individual needs as its main advantage.

PREISmonitoring’s versatility is showcased through the selection of observed shops, flexible search data parameters, and frequent exporting intervals. The customizability of the tool is the core of its capabilities.

On their homepage, we can read about three main branches of services that PREISmonitoring offers:

  • price monitoring – highly customizable system with individualized solutions and features,
  • autopricing – providing the users with all KPIs and avoiding typical human errors,
  • margin optimization – report and price alerts to maximize your sales.

You can fill a form on PREISmonitoring’s website and schedule a call with their consultant to talk about their tool’s capabilities and most important features.

PREISmonitoring’s pros:

  • flexibility and individual approach,
  • customizable data updating intervals (up to a few times per day),
  • a wide array of monitored websites (including Amazon, Zalando, and others),
  • a selection of export file formats to choose from (XLSX, CSV, Word, API, and others),
  • 20% off for nonprofit organizations and government institutions (.gov, .edu etc.).

PREISmonitoring’s cons:

  • some UI elements may need improvements,
  • no API integrations at the moment of being (January 2023).


Comparing PREISmonitoring vs Dealavo

With a unique strategy, Dealavo serves as a noteworthy PREISmonitoring alternative. Dealavo is a Polish e-commerce company that provides manufacturers and sellers with a solution for businesses to let them take more control over their pricing strategies.

Dealavo’s strengths include advanced Dynamic Pricing mechanisms and a global reach covering 30+ markets. Dealavo offers a wide array of features, such as competition tracking, thorough data analysis, intuitive price alerts, and more. This, combined with Dealavo’s Dynamic Pricing, may be a solid boost for your e-commerce business.

dynamic pricing
Dealavo features a robust Dynamic Pricing service

Dealavo also supports its data collecting with the newest AI technologies. Powered by the capabilities of machine learning, Dynamic Pricing feature lets Dealavo’s users create their own pricing rules to gain that bonus advantage over the competition.

What’s more, Dealavo also offers a free 7-day trial for anybody wishing to check this tool out for themselves.

Dealavo’s pros:

  • considerable number of API integrations for e-commerce (IdoSell, WooCommerce, and more),
  • helpful and intuitive price alerts,
  • global reach (more than 30 markets),
  • Competitor’s Assortment Reports,
  • robust Dynamic Pricing feature
  • advanced price alerts options.
Dealavo Dashboard Panel
 Advanced Price Monitoring capabilities of Dealavo

Dealavo’s cons:

  • there is still some space for improvements for some API integrations,
  • UI might seem a bit complex for the new users.


PREISmonitoring vs Dealavo – feature comparison



E-commerce price monitoring and repricing tool, focusing on high degree of customization. Their individual approach lets you tweak every aspect of your pricing strategy.With its advanced Dynamic Pricing, our price monitoring tool lets you analyze vast amount of data and make well-informed decisions, supported my AI technology.
high level of customization options
individual price monitoring and repricing features
ability to monitor basically any website and marketplace
over 15 years experience in the German e-commerce market
possibility to update data even a few times per day
collecting important data for better margin optimization
automatic repricing system
robust Dynamic Pricing service (enhanced by machine learning
reaching over 30 markets all over the world
easy-to-set price alerts
useful API integrations (Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce etc.)
competition tracking and advanced data visualization


By understanding the strengths, weaknesses, and functionalities of tools like PREISmonitoring and Dealavo, businesses can strategically position themselves for success in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.

If flexible price management is your main goal, then PREISmonitoring may be just the right choice. Its customised product search feature and frequent data updating are there for your convenience as you strive for your high spot in the e-commerce market.

Dealavo’s flagship feature, Dynamic Pricing, can be a true game changer for your e-store. Powered by AI technology, Dealavo can provide you with tons of valuable data, so that you can make conscious decisions regarding your pricing strategy.

To sum it up, PREISmonitoring vs Dealavo comparison shows us what parts of e-commerce management both these tools focus on. Nevertheless, you can always give Dealavo a try and make use of our 7-day trial with no costs to see it for yourself.

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Case Study

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