Minderest – review and alternatives

Would you like to manage the pricing strategy of your online store effectively? There are several web apps on the market to make your job easier. One of them is Minderest. In the following article, you will find thorough review and useful functionalities of this software. Let’s start.

3 reasons why you should focus on price monitoring

Before we dive into the detailed review of Minderest, let’s consider general reasons why each online store should take price monitoring seriously and put emphasis on prices of competing shops in your industry. 

Nowadays, marketplaces and e-commerce stores offer advanced filter options to customers. This feature makes it easy for shoppers to sort products by price and find the most affordable products around the specific market. In such circumstances, ability of immediate reaction on market trends in field of price is crucial for each e-commerce brand.  

price tracker
See how Price Monitoring works according to Dealavo system, source: Dealavo.com

If you want to manage prices in your store and those of your competitors effectively, it is necessary to have access to up-to-date analytical data. This tool should be constantly updating prices. Having such information, you can instantly adjust in-store pricing in such a way it is more attractive compared to competitors. 

At the same time, you have to keep in mind that manual price analytics is extremely difficult. To be honest, it’s impossible. Such approach assumes that you constantly check competitors pricing and based on the research update price of your products. Fortunately, you don’t need to do it — all the work can be done for you by software such as Minderest. 

How does price monitoring software work?

Price monitoring software provides you with an insight into the pricing of competitors’ stores and prices among popular marketplaces. In most cases, these tools are distributed in SaaS model — it means you get access for subscription fee.   

Popular price monitoring applications differ in terms of various functionalities. Some of them go beyond providing mere price monitoring solutions, also equipping online store owners with multiple automation tools for price updates. 

An exceptional solution in this regard is Dealavo — a tool that provides an extensive set of features, which we will discuss in more detail in this text. 

When seeking the best tool for price management, it’s worth taking into account these solutions, which offer price data from all the popular marketplaces, and any online stores.

Minderest – overview of the most crucial features

Minderest meets most of the needs that modern online stores expect. Using this app, you can seamlessly conduct price monitoring of any company’s shop. It allows you to effortlessly monitor their prices, promotions, and stock levels. Moreover, the software provides analysis capabilities for shipping and delivery price lists. 

Minderest provides insights into competitors’ prices every day. With this data, you can promptly identify any abnormal price fluctuations in competing stores. 

Advantages of Minderest:

  • Software provider supplies vendors with comprehensive price list data for selected competitors once every two months;
  • the shop owners can include any products for the price analysis module within the purchased subscription. The only condition is adhering to the overall limit of products provided under the subscription;
  • After submitting sales data for the last 12 months, Minderest is able to provide suggestions for the pricing of specific products;
  • The software provides sales data in transparent graphs that can be used in the comparison of the performance of your shop and the shops of your competitors;
  • Flexible sales model: it is possible to buy only the price monitoring module, as well as buying the repricing module separately;

Disadvantages of Minderest:

  • Poorly intuitive application’s interface, which can be a particularly significant problem for those taking their first steps with e-commerce pricing strategy automation;
  • No possibility to configure a trial version. If you want to use Minderest, you need to sign a contract for a minimum of 3 months;
  • Long time required to implement the production version of the software;
  • Lack of standardised pricing: monitoring of online stores involves different fees than monitoring of marketplaces. Even different rates exist for Google Shopping monitoring;
  • Limited product search options in Google Shopping — the only way is to search based on EAN codes;
  • Lack of transparent pricing listed on the website — you need to order a demo to know the exact offer;
  • Limited repricing options that prevent store owners from setting advanced rules related to price updates based on distinguish market conditions.

Dealavo – alternative software for Minderest

As we mentioned earlier, Minderest has some alternatives. One of them is Dealavo. The software allows you to monitor almost all popular marketplaces and any competitors’ online stores.

Using Dealavo, you can set advanced rules that automate actions within the offer price listing — based on numerous logical conditions, you can automatically adjust prices in your store, ensuring they are consistently attractive to your customers.

Furthermore, Dealavo as a company provides valuable educational resources, that are shared with the app users. Each e-store user can download ebooks related to different areas of e-commerce.

Dealavo’s Core Dashboard

Particularly networthy is the extensive set of integrations available with external e-commerce platforms such as: WooCommerce, Magento or PrestaShop. The application also allows integrating tools through the API. 

Advantages of Dealavo:

  • Unlimited coverage actress marketplace platforms and online stores for comprehensive price monitoring, including popular comparison price sites as Google Shopping;
  • Advanced dynamic pricing module for flexible pricing strategy;
  • An alert system that notifies shop owners of significant marketplace changes, creating opportunities for increased sales;
  • Accurate data continuously collected from the market for precise decision-making;
  • Help of dedicated customer support with the assistance of a customer support manager;
  • Multiple convenient contact options (email, contact form or phone);
  • Easy and quick setup facilitated by a 7-day trial period;

Disadvantages of Dealavo:

  • The app interface can be a complex from a beginner’s perspective. Nevertheless, customer support employee can guide in some unclear scenarios;
  • API integration needs some improvements;

Minderest vs Dealavo (comparison)

This article aims to explore the functionalities of the Minderest app along with its alternatives. Now it’s time to delve into competitive analysis between the two systems: Minderest and Dealavo.

An app for monitoring prices across popular marketplaces.
Software designed for price monitoring and price automation cross multiple marketplaces, price comparison sites and independent online stores. The software owner provides support to its customers.
Possibility of unlimited changes in the set of monitored products;
The company takes a snapshot of the entire products range once every two months;
Integration of online store with API interface
The software is a good choice for sales in global markets;
Integration of online shop through a prebuilt integrations or API;
Automated price updates based on custom variables;
Dealavo proves to be an excellent choice for trade operations in international marketplaces and price comparison sites;
Software is optimised for effective price management on Google Shopping;
Technical support 24/7;
Clear and personalised reports presented in XLS and CSV sheets;

Minderest – review and ratings (summary)

We hope that the provided overview of the software will simplify your decision-making process related to the appropriate software for price monitoring and price automation in your online shop. If you would like to try a Dealavo as your preferred solution, keep in mind that you can explore its features during the 7-day trial period.