Use intelligent algorithms to monitor and analyze your competitors’ prices. Maximize the profits from your products or online store.


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How does an intelligent price
analysis work?

Dealavo Smart Prices is the most accurate Business Intelligence tool for manufacturers and online store owners.

It provides you with the information on the prices offered by your competitors and suggests the most effective solutions.

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Dealavo’s fully automated processes will do all the work for you. Save up to several hundred hours a month and never come back to manual price checking again.


Intelligent algorithms show where you lose money when your products are underpriced relative to those of your competitors, and how to adjust your pricing to become a new price leader.

1-to-1 comparison

We have created a unique functionality to allow our clients to compare similar products offered by different manufacturers.

Suggested prices

Manufacturers can monitor suggested prices across all distributors.

Big Data

We aggregate data from the largest price comparison websites, online stores and auctions, so your decisions are based on reliable analyses.

Advanced Technology

Our analyses compare your and your competitors’ products using the latest machine learning and fuzzy matching methodologies, which guarantees highest quality data.

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About us

Our team consists of IT specialists from Poland’s top technical universities. We worked for some of the biggest players in Silicon Valley (e.g. Facebook, Google).

We provide IT services for multinationals in several countries. Some of us are world champions in team programming.

Why us?

Dealavo is a unique Business Intelligence tool created by top-notch programmers. We offer you world-class solutions, passion, and customer delight.


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