Die 6 besten Repricing-Tools für eBay und Amazon

Nowadays, price changes happen regularly since the world of e-commerce is an everchanging platform of competitiveness. To stay on top it is crucial for e-shop owners to be able to adapt to those changes as fast as possible. Such a situation requires special measures which are, for example, repricing tools for e-commerce. Let’s see what are the best repricing tools for such marketplaces as Amazon and eBay.

Why Do You Need Repricing Tools For E-commerce?

Repricing tools are pieces of software that use pricing automation to adjust prices based on predefined rules or algorithms. This ensures your products are competitively priced at all times. Let’s take a quick look through the most important advantages of using repricing tools for your e-commerce business.

Pricing Automation and Time Efficiency

Through continuous monitoring, repricing tools gather data on market trends, competitor pricing, and customer behavior. That, of course, not only saves a lot of hustle, but also minimalizes any potential human errors.

Increasing Competitiveness

By having your prices fit the market situation at all times, you also increase your competitiveness. Staying on top is crucial for every e-shop owner since the competition there is really fierce.

Boosting Sales and Maximizing Profits

Strategic pricing adjustments, guided by repricing tools, can maximize profits by finding the sweet spot between competitiveness and profitability. It’s ultra important when you want to maintain a profitable spot with your e-store and increase its sales significantly.

Top 6 Amazon & eBay Repricing Tools

Here, we’ve listed ones of the most popular repricing tools for e-commerce, focusing on those tools that have been designed especially for the two largest marketplaces: Amazon & eBay. Automatic repricing, customizable price alerts, and competition tracking are only a few of the features that tools like Dealavo, RepricerExpress, or Seller Snap have to offer.

If you want your e-commerce to function both on Amazon and on eBay, you should consider using a flexible repricer that would cater for both of these marketplaces for your convenience.


Dealavo is a versatile tool that will assist you with Amazon repricing, eBay repricing, and a lot of other useful features for e-shops. 

Both eBay repricing and Amazon repricing will stand no problem with Dealavo’s Dynamic Pricing algorithms. Enhanced by the power of Machine Learning, our systems will guide you through the crucial decision-making processes.

How does Dealavo’s Dynamic Pricing work?


There are several good reasons for choosing Dealavo as your eBay & Amazon repricing tool. First of all, our software works well across 30+ countries and 20+ markets, which stands for a solid area of data-collecting and competition tracking.

Another thing is that Dealavo’s data visualization methods let you see all the most vital information about your pricing strategies in a clear and user-friendly way.

Last but not least, if you’re still unsure whether Dealavo is a good pick for you, you can always make use of a free 7-day trial. Thanks to that, you will be able to check Dealavo out for yourself and see if it suits your needs.

What is Dealavo?

How Dealavo works. Check this out!


StreetPricer is an all-around tool for multiple online selling platforms. With its intuitive UI and AI-enhanced features, it may be a great choice for your e-store.

StreetPricer offers support for such platforms as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Amazon Business. With such versatility, it can cater for a wide array of needs regarding e-stores.

streetpricer repricing
The dashboard of a free demo of StreetPricer (live for 24 hours since activation from e-mail), Source: https://app2.streetpricer.com/webApp/livedemo


StreetPrices boasts its best 2022 eBay repricer badge, claiming their tool is the only official eBay repricer partner on the market. The tool features 24-hour price monitoring and competition tracking. All the settings and strategies are customizable by the user, so the degree of flexibility is really high for StreetPricer.

When it comes to Amazon and Amazon Business, StreetPricer’s creators guarantee the highest percentage of Buy Boxes won in comparison to other Amazon repricing tools in the market. StreetPricer’s main advantage in terms of Amazon repricing is its speed, which the authors of the tool claim to be 50 times faster than any other Amazon repricer available.

Of course, StreetPricer uses AI-boosted algorithms for any platform it is asked to work with. It lets the tool automate your pricing strategies with utmost precision.



RepricerExpress is another solution, both for those selling on Amazon, and those who wish to sell on eBay. It also offers a 14-day trial if you want to give it a try – of course, absolutely for free.

RepricerExpress is a repricing tool for Amazon and eBay (both UK and US) that works 24/7 and features quick and intuitive set-up (in up to 30 minutes).

RepricerExpress working with eBay UK. Source: https://www.repricerexpress.com/ebay-repricing-software-101/


One of the most interesting RepricerExpress’ features is its ability to sync your Amazon product prices with your eBay listings. Apart from that, the tool also gives its users access to other pricing rules that can, for example, focus on competitors’ catalog and then adjust one’s prices to beat the competition.

RepricerExpress features advanced competition filtering options, too. With this tool, you can filter your competitors’ listings by region, dispatch times, ratings, and others. With its 14-day free trial and lightning-speed set-up, RepricerExpress might be a good pick to test your repricing strategies for Amazon and eBay.



Repricer.com is an Amazon repricing tool that offers advanced eBay repricing features as well. This tool lets you plan your pricing strategy with care, and then automatically update it across other marketplaces and platforms where you sell your products.

Repricer is a tool designed mainly for Amazon sellers. It boasts a huge array of Amazon repricing features, such as, for example: targeted pricing rules, tracking up to 10 top competitors on the marketplace, advanced searching options with complex filtering, a set of pre-defined pricing strategies for immediate implementation, and many others.

Thanks to its eBay sync feature, eBay repricing is also possible with the use of Repricer. On their website, the tool’s authors claim that syncing one’s eBay account with their Amazon seller account can greatly increase the overall Buy Box win ratio. This, mixed with Repricer’s advanced competition filtering options, lets Repricer’s users maximize their efficiency both on Amazon and on eBay.

Repricer.com supports a wide selection of eBay channels for eBay Repricing. Source: https://support.repricer.com/which-ebay-marketplaces-does-repricer-com-support


Repricer also offers a free 14-day trial, so if you’re considering conquering Amazon Marketplace and boosting your eBay’s presence as a seller, then that’s might be just a thing for you.


Price Spectre

Price Spectre is a quite simplistic yet useful eBay repricing tool that offers a range of repricing features for eBay sellers, connecting with your eBay account through eBay API for precise data-collection and fast processing.

Price Spectre is all about eBay repricing. The tool monitors the competition’s doings and then dynamically adjust your pricing strategy to win you more customers.

Time-efficiency is the greatest advantage of using Price Spectre. The tool offers a wide selection of pre-defined pricing strategies, based on less or more complex pricing rules. Their real-time implementation is governed by Price Spectre’s algorithms.

There’s a possibility to use Price Spectre free of charge if you have only one eBay listing active at a time. It is for you to test Price Spectre’s basic functionalities in action. The tool is also free to use as a manual bulk price editing tool.

However, having more than 1 active listing and implementing Price Spectre’s advanced features requires monthly payments. What’s more, there are also premium options you can unlock with a purchase of so-called Premium Points. As of writing of this text, these features include higher eBay repricing frequency and running multiple searches with customized algorithms simultaneously.

Price Spectre’s repricing Algorithm Editor (for eBay & Half.com). Source: http://www.pricespectre.com/doc/html/editor.html


Seller Snap

This Amazon repricing tool is said to be inspired by Game Theory. It virtually means that there are some solid logic-based algorithms standing behind Seller Snap’s work.

Seller Snap offers a special set of features for both standard and business Amazon sellers. With this AI-enhanced tool, Amazon repricing jumps onto a completely different level.

Apart from a wide selection of pre-defined Amazon repricing strategies, Seller Snap features customizable repricing strategies alternative to suit each user’s individual needs. Despite the fact that Seller Snap’s repricing algorithms works by comparing products with similar ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Number), you can always tweak your individual repricing strategy to fit your desired sales volumes and maximize your chances of winning the Amazon Buy Box.

Seller Snap provides complex insights on your Amazon repricing strategy. Source: https://www.sellersnap.io/#FAQ


Seller Price also features a robust analytics section. Here, you can gain insights not only about your overall selling performance, but also about the efficiency of your advertisements. With this, you can get access to such important factors as CTRs or CPCs, and have total, complex control over your Amazon repricing strategy.



Are repricing tools suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries?

Of course. Repricing tools are versatile and can be adapted to suit businesses of varying sizes and industries, providing tailored solutions.

Can repricing tools be paused or adjusted during promotions or special events?

Well, it depends on the features they offer, but most repricing tools allow businesses to temporarily pause or customize pricing strategies during promotions, sales, or special events.

Are there ethical considerations when using repricing tools, especially in competitive markets?

There’s nothing ethically wrong in using repricing tools. What’s more, they even help to take the competitiveness of the market to another level, thus, supporting healthy competition.

Can repricing tools be used for both online and brick-and-mortar stores?

Most repricing tools are designed mainly for e-shops. However, it doesn’t mean that brick-and-mortar stores can’t find any alternatives for themselves.

How do repricing tools address international markets and currency fluctuations?

Repricing tools with international capabilities (such as Repricer.com) consider currency fluctuations and market dynamics, enabling businesses to effectively navigate and compete in global markets.

Is staff training necessary for implementing repricing tools, and what kind of support is available?

Although it is not a necessity, staff training may be a good move when it comes to making a good use of repricing tools for e-commerce. Reputable providers often offer comprehensive training materials and customer support.

Comparing repricing tools – conclusions

There’s no ultimate repricing winner in this text. It’s difficult to point at the tool that would suit every user the same. The most important thing to think of when making the final decision is to identify your e-commerce goals and plans.

If you want to go full Amazon, then Amazon repricing tools may be the best shot for you. Seller Snap specializes in Amazon Marketplace listings monitoring, so that could be a tool you could check out. Thanks to their advanced analytics, Seller Snap’s team offer you in-depth insights regarding your Amazon repricing strategy, and help you win Amazon Buy Box.

Although Seller Snap’s advanced capabilities might steal your heart, they might still fall short of your needs if flexibility to sell both on Amazon and eBay is your main goal. That’s where tools like RepricerExpress or StreetPricer may come in handy. RepricerExpress’ quick setup and intuitive UI may compete with StreetPricer’s fast, AI-boosted processing, but they both are good choices if you want to combine your Amazon and eBay repricing strategies to form something more unified and cohesive.

However, if you want to focus solely on eBay repricing, then Price Spectre might be your choice. It’s simplistic design and a wide set of pre-defined pricing strategies might be just enough for your e-shop.

Nevertheless, the choice is yours to make. As Dealavo, we offer you another complex repricing alternative with advanced features like competition tracking, price analytics, or AI-enhanced Dynamic Pricing, but it is up to you to choose your repricing tool for Amazon and eBay. Order a free Dealavo’s demo version to see if we have what it takes to satisfy your expectations.