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Analysis and optimization of the assortment – strategies, tools [complete guide]

There are many elements that determine your store’s success. One of them is your assortment. Depending on what you have in your offer, you attract a specific target audience and get particular results. In this article, we will show you how to optimize your assortment so that it helps you achieve your business goals and…

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Wojciech Kopciewski interviewWojciech Kopciewski interview

How to sell luxury products? An interview with Wojciech Kopciewski

What do customers who buy luxury products pay attention to? How to make sure to not only offer the thing itself but also the story behind it? What to analyse to ensure the appropriate positioning of a luxury brand? These questions will be answered by Wojciech Kopciewski, co-owner of Artebrands. Aleksandra Hołownia, Dealavo: Artebrands is a…

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Women in E-commerce – rising opportunities, challenges, influencers

Women in E-commerce – shattering the glass celling To this day the e-commerce branch has been considered the man’s world. Men make up the bulk of most of the rankings and play major roles in e-commerce enterprises. This may come as a surprise, especially since 70-80% of consumers purchasing are women. The problematic aspect of…

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