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Price skimming – a strategy for innovative brands

What do you think about lowering prices instead of increasing them? This is what price skimming is all about. Companies that create innovative products, in most cases, initially set high prices for them when they are introduced to the market for the first time, and then, as their products become outdated or replaced, gradually lower…

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TOP 7 best pricing software for e-commerce

When it comes to e-commerce and retail in general, prices are one of the most important buying factors. People compare prices and, most of the time, pick the most attractive offer. However, mastering the pricing strategy on your own is not an easy task – you need the support that advanced pricing tool software can…

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TOP 7 Brand Protection Software

Selling and distributing products as a manufacturer and not just a retailer entails some specific risks that need to be taken into account. For example, you want to make sure other retailers do not undersell your products, which could result in damage to your brand’s reputation. That’s, in short, what brand protection software is for….

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Price Tracker: What you need to know to maximize your e-commerce prices

Prices play a huge role in e-commerce – for the majority of customers, it’s the number one factor when shopping online. However, monitoring prices manually takes a lot of time and is ineffective. This is where Dealavo Price Tracker steps in the game – let’s see what you can gain through online price tracking. According…

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