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Ad hoc Price Checker, the price overview for the e-commerce industry

The Ad hoc Price Checker is the ideal solution for those who need to conduct a quick analysis of market prices.

With the help of the report, merchants, analysts, purchasers, or category managers can verify which stores offer a given product and at what prices they sell it.

As a e-commerce merchant you will also receive a summary with price analysis (minimum prices, maximum prices, average, etc.) and the number of offers on the market. This gives you an overview of the market situation for selected products in a quick manner. By automating the analysis, you save time and gain more accurate data.

How does the Ad hoc Price Checker work?

Ad hoc Price Checker allows you to analyze the offers of products with EAN codes

How does it work?

  • You purchase credits that you can use in the system. One credit means analyzing the offers of one product on the most important pages
  • When you want to analyze prices, you add a file with the products you are interested in in the Dealavo panel. You can provide the data in such formats as csv, xml, xlsx, xls. 
  • You will receive reports by email and in the Dealavo panel. In the reports, you will find information about the offers of the analyzed product, as well as aggregate data on price levels and sellers. The time to deliver the report depends on the number of products analyzed – it is from a few minutes to a few hours.

Where does the price data come from?

The Ad hoc Price Checker includes data from the most important e-commerce sites in the country. We chose the sites based on our past experience with our customers. 

  • Germany – Idealo, Amazon, Google Shopping
  • Czech Republic – Heureka, Google Shopping, Zbozi
  • Netherlands – bol.com, Google Shopping, Amazon
  • Slovakia – Heureka, Google Shopping, Mall
  • France – Idealo, Amazon, Google Shopping
  • Italy – Idealo, Amazon, Google Shopping
  • Spain – Idealo, Amazon, Google Shopping
  • Poland – Ceneo, Allegro, Google Shopping

Do you want to monitor other countries? Contact us at contact@dealavo.com


We monitor the most relevant websites

Ad hoc Price Checker – for whom?

The Ad hoc Price Checker is designed for people who need to make a quick analysis of market prices for selected products. The tool automates the price analysis process, which saves time. The report is particularly useful for:

  • Merchants and Category Managers. The Ad hoc Price Checker allows them to compare the offer they receive from the manufacturer with market realities. It helps decide which products are worth adding to the store’s portfolio and whether the products have a lot of competition in the market. Merchants and Category Managers can quickly analyze whether they would make a satisfactory margin if they sell them at market prices.
  • Purchasing Department. With the report, the purchasing department can verify whether the products ordered are purchased at favorable prices. The analysis helps in negotiating contract terms with the supplier. 
  • Business Development Department and future Country Managers. The Ad hoc Price Checker allows them to see if it is worthwhile to enter a new market. They can quickly get an overview of the competition and their pricing.  
  • Manufacturers who want to analyze competitor prices. After identifying competing products, manufacturers can analyze their prices and their distribution network. 
  • Wholesalers who can analyze the price level of selected products, and share the results of the analysis with their partners. 
  • Anyone who wants to conduct a comprehensive price analysis.