What can you gain with price monitoring and automation with the Dealavo tool:

  • Market and competition analysis – information about even millions of products in a single tool.
  • Price optimization – by adjusting the prices to the market situation, you can increase your profit by up to 50%
  • Increased conversions and ROAS from Google Ads – appropriate prices mean higher conversion rates. Our clients have observed an increase in ROAS from product ads by up to 120%
  • Selection of the best sales channels – in the application, you can easily compare the competition and prices in different sales channels like Google Shopping, Amazon or Idealo.

As part of your free consultation you will learn:

  • Which of your products are cheaper than those offered by your competitors.
  • Which products are sold by you at higher prices in relation to the market average.
  • Which products are not available in competitors’ shops.
  • Who your biggest competitors are.
  • What repricing is.

If you want to learn more about Price Monitoring and automation with the Dealavo tool you can watch a short video about it: