free consultation about pricing strategy

We hope you found the Checklist for an effective Google Shopping Ads campaign useful!

If you want to determine how to set prices to increase conversion of your Google Shopping Ads, you can sign up for a free consultation with our specialist!

As part of your free consultation you will learn:

  • which products are cheaper than those offered by your competitors. These are the products that are worth promoting in Google Shopping Ads.
  • which products are sold by you at higher prices in relation to the market average. If you’re running a campaign for these products on Google Shopping Ads, these may not bring in conversions.
  • which products are not available in competitors’ shops. You may increase their prices and not lose your customers at the same time.
  • who your biggest competitors are. The consultant will indicate which retailers you have the most common products in your assortment with. These are the shops you may consider comparing the marketing message with and check out how to stand out.
  • what repricing is, or how to use automatic pricing to increase your profit.