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Price automation – does automated price change improve ROAS?

Adequate pricing is one of the main challenges for retailers. This task is even more complex when we take e-commerce under consideration. Indeed, the e-commerce industry is the most dynamic business branch we’ve ever encountered. Rapid changes that we can observe in this industry make improving ROAS even more difficult. However, is there a method…

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Competitive Intelligence Tools in a nutshell – all you need to know about Competitive Intelligence but were afraid to ask

Competition is a core of every industry – you like it or not. As there are more and more emerging opportunities, for example – in the e-commerce field – the competition is becoming fierce. Therefore, business owners are looking for solutions they may use to outperform their competitors. That’s where competitive intelligence comes in handy….

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How to spy on your competitors? – Find out which methods and tools will help you outsmart the competition

Competitive spying often arouses controversy. Many retailers wonder whether such practices are legal and ethical, and what is a balance between benefits and losses when spying on competitors. Hopefully, nowadays there are more and more sources you can use to gain data about your competitors’ strategies without violating any rules. In this article, we’ll show…

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