Only a few years ago, online sales of heavy construction equipment seemed unreal. Today, it has become reality, and online industry-specific shops compete with one another on such platforms as Google Shopping, Allegro, Amazon, eBay or Ceneo. How does iSPRZET.PL use the Dealavo tool to increase sales of products that used to be relatively unpopular and monitor how competitive their prices are? This is discussed by Łukasz Banaś — Project Manager at iSPRZET.PL.

Aleksandra Hołownia, Dealavo: iSPRZET.PL is one of the brands of the Krawczyk Group. Can you tell us a little bit more about your company’s activity?

Łukasz Banaś, You are right. iSPRZET.PL is an e-commerce brand that operates on the construction and industry market. It also sells household, garden and workshop equipment. In our store, you can find top-quality products from world-class manufacturers. We put great emphasis on assortment selection and all additional elements that influence the way in which the customer perceives our offering.

A.H.: How long have you been a part of e-commerce? What changes have taken place during this time?

Ł.B.: We have been an e-commerce brand since 2015, and there have been radical changes since then. A few years ago, buying heavy construction equipment online seemed unreal. In the beginning, our shop was only an addition to the regular work of our representatives. With time, however, the attitude of the customers began to change, along with the expansion of our product portfolio, the development of this segment of economy in Poland, and, consequently, the increase of trust in such form of shopping. From month to month, we started to record increasing profits directly from online sales, and the trend has remained upward till today.

A.H.: Your product offers are visible not only on your shop’s website but also on Google Shopping, Ceneo, Allegro. How important are these promotion and sales channels? What do you do to make sure that the iSPRZET offering stands out on the market?

Ł.B.: Apart from the offering that you see on our shop’s website, we are also active on other channels, such as: Allegro, Amazon (PL, DE), eBay, Ceneo, Google Shopping or in social media. Of course, that is not all – we constantly try to expand our horizons and look for other places and ways of reaching potential customers.

Our offering is complemented by professional consulting and many convenient ways of payments. We also provide our customers with assistance if they want to apply for a subsidy or loan. The key element that guarantees the visibility of our brand in e-commerce is, of course, price. And this is where the Dealavo tool is extremely helpful.

A.H.: How do you use the Dealavo tool to monitor your presence in e-commerce and manage prices?

Ł.B.: The biggest advantage for us is the possibility to monitor a large range of products in terms of market prices, track our competitors’ activities and generate reports from any view. Doing all these activities manually would be quite impossible for us in the long term, and definitely burdensome. We would also have to constantly expand our team along with the expansion of our offering. The possibility of setting up alerts, warnings that you can configure individually, is also a huge asset for us.

The tool gives us a lot of helpful features, such as dynamic repricing. Thanks to the possibility to integrate Dealavo with Magento 2, we can automatically change product prices based on predefined rules. Of course, we need to be sure about our configuration of pricing and price change rules – otherwise we could have an opposite to the desired effect. For example, we can set a rule for a chosen product category. During the configuration, we set a rule that the price should be lower by PLN 0.05 from the cheapest competitor in a specific channel (e.g. Ceneo or Allegro), but, at the same time, the margin should not go below 15%. If the rule is met, the price of the product will automatically change in our e-shop thanks to the full integration.

The Dealavo tool has a variety of other functionalities that we are still exploring.

A.H.: Which Dealavo functions are the most useful to you?

Ł.B.: I would have to say that all the elements already mentioned: price monitoring and price alerts, extensive reports and, most of all, dynamic repricing.

A.H.: Did using the Dealavo tool have an impact on your sales?

Ł.B.: Yes, continuous monitoring of market prices with Dealavo and adequate actions translate into the increased product sales. It is particularly true in the case of the products that were not monitored earlier and whose sales were much lower or even close to zero. We can observe greater traffic coming especially from price comparison websites, on which price is, naturally, one of the most important elements.

A.H.: What do you think about your cooperation with Dealavo?

Ł.B.: What we appreciate the most about our cooperation with Dealavo is their flexibility and the ability to adjust to the needs of the client. Our account managers are always in touch with us, they quickly and thoroughly answer all our questions and assist with new implementations and current affairs.

A.H.: What changes in e-commerce do you expect to happen in the nearest future? How do you prepare your company for them?

Ł.B.: The events from the beginning of 2020 accelerated digital transformation in many companies. New needs smoothly transformed into new habits, and that is why we expect this fast pace of changes to persist. As iSPRZET, we do not intend to stay behind, on the contrary, we want to meet our customers’ expectations. We want to make sure that the quality of our services keeps improving along with the development of e-commerce and increasing interest in such form of shopping.