Improve your virtual shelving

In-store search results monitoring

Products ranking highly in the in-store search results is one of the key elements increasing e-commerce sales – the higher your products are displayed, the more likely customers are to choose them. With Dealavo you can easily track your products’ positions in e-shops’ search engines and see your share of virtual shelf.

Well-planned digital shelving and therefore high positioning of your products, also in category pages will lead to more sales while reducing your competitors’ share. Customers using in-store search options are most often at the last steps of their path-to-purchase, have their needs identified and are more determined to make a purchase. Take this opportunity to make your products more visible and gain new customers easier.

Our tool lets you track search results by any chosen keyword, giving you complete information on your and competitive products’ rankings in online stores. You will know the exact share of each brand, the average prices, as well as first page domination statistics. In addition to the provided data, our experts can help you build a successful strategy to improve your digital shelving and grow your brand in e-commerce.

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