Dynamic Pricing

Be ahead of the competition

Would you like to have high margins on your products but remain competitive?  With Dealavo you can monitor prices on other e-shops, marketplaces and price comparison sites to know what your competition is doing – even on weekends and holidays – and react accordingly.

Apart from the software, use our consultants’ knowledge to your advantage. They will help you with analyses, pricing strategies, building product categories and more. For instance, we helped our client (top-player in FMCG sector), to raise the average margin from 19% to 22%, while keeping the monthly sales volume. 

If your e-shop sells products of fluctuating prices, e.g. electronics, you know how much time consuming constant price checks and adjustments are. To solve that problem, use our Dynamic Pricing solution which, based on the competitor and internal data, automatically changes the prices, following a custom set of rules.

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How we can help you:

  • Competitor price monitoring

    Track prices and promotions of the competing e-shops

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  • Dynamic

    Automate your pricing policy based on internal and external data

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E-commerce price monitoring for e-shops- Dealavo tool

Dealavo Price Monitoring helps e-commerce shops in increasing their profits and delivering necessary data for effective price management. Dealavo price tracking for online shops allows making proper decisions in setting prices and achieving expected results of pricing strategies e.g. increasing sales volume or increasing income by raising margin.

Automated price tracking for online shops- save your time

The price monitoring platform solves plenty of problems that appear while manual price tracking. The manual process of price monitoring in e-commerce is connected with the analysis of huge amounts of data, which is especially hard as prices in e-commerce are dynamic and change every day. Numerous competitors not only offer a wide portfolio of products but also take various marketing actions and change their pricing strategy. Because of this, manual eCommerce price monitoring can be just a waste of time and will not allow taking successful decisions, as gathered data quickly becomes obsolete. Dealavo Price Monitoring tool solves this problem, providing users accurate and fresh data gathered from offers of other online shops.

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Collect current data

Automated Price Monitoring for online shops, supported additionally by our highly qualified specialists, will deliver actual data of competitors’ prices every day (data can be refreshed even every 4 hours). Ecommerce price monitoring tool will gather for you data about:

  • The cheapest offer on the market
  • Number of competitors’ offers
  • Discounts and price hikes in competitors’ shops
  • Marketing activities of competitors

Price monitoring for online shop- analyse data and take action

Having current data about competitors’ offers, you can update the prices of the chosen products or categories even a few times per day.

  • If the high positions in rankings are crucial for you, you can decrease your prices, to get to the top of price comparisons’ listings (sometimes it is enough to decrease your price by a few cents to get there).
  • You can also increase your margin. If your offer is significantly lower than your competitors’, or you don’t have competitors at all, you can increase your margin, keeping high sales volume.

Dynamic pricing- automatic price optimization for e-shops

Do you sell products whose prices are sensitive to market changes and competitors actions? Keep them at the level that allows you to always have an advantage over your competitors. Use our Dynamic Pricing platform, which automatically changes prices in online shops, following previously set pricing strategies and limits.

What can you achieve with eCommerce Price Monitoring with Dynamic Pricing?

Do you want to be in TOP 3 of the cheapest retailers? Is your aim to become cheaper than the biggest competitor? Or maybe you are interested in maximizing your profit based on AI and Machine Learning (which take under consideration such aspects as price elasticity of consumers)? These and many other goals can be achieved thanks to the eCommerce Price Monitoring platform with Dynamic Pricing, which always reacts fast to market changes, detects increases and decreases in prices of competitors, but also tracks their marketing activities. Dynamic Pricing gives you:

  • time savings – you don’t have to make all the changes in your shop on your own. The tool will make them for you, as soon as it finds market changes;
  • increased earnings– Dynamic Pricing ongoingly optimizes prices, which results in increased earnings thanks to higher sales volume (lower prices), or margin increase.

Trust the tool or make your own decisions

When using Dynamic Pricing, you don’t have to fully automate the price changes. If you want, you can set the tool in such a way that every change is just a suggestion that has to be approved by you.