Price Tracking for E-Shops

Competitive Intelligence and Dynamic Pricing platform

Staying competitive in today’s world of transparent pricing and highly competitive and fragmented market is not an easy task for retailers. High competition is driving margins down and sheer number of competitors and frequency of changes makes reliable manual analysis impossible.

Acquiring reliable competitive intelligence data in turn may be a daunting task with rising costs of IT maintenance and unreliable vendors providing data with to high error levels to base decisions on.

Dealavo provides you with high quality of competitors data thanks to leveraging it’s algorithms, streamlined processes and manual work of QA and Data Cleaning operators supported with semi-automatic tools.

On top of this data and other data coming from your systems we build powerful Dynamic Pricing rules which applied in real-time over entire portfolio of your products start earning money for you. By claiming back 80% of long tail portfolio and by perfecting your pricing policy Dealavo Dynamic Pricing creates huge competitive advantage to its customers.

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