Be ahead of the competition

Would you like to have high margins on your products but remain competitive?  With Dealavo you can monitor prices on other e-shops, marketplaces and price comparison sites to know what your competition is doing – even on weekends and holidays – and react accordingly.

Apart from the software, use our consultants’ knowledge to your advantage. They will help you with analyses, pricing strategies, building product categories and more. For instance, we helped our client (top-player in FMCG sector), to raise the average margin from 19% to 22%, while keeping the monthly sales volume. 

If your e-shop sells products of fluctuating prices, e.g. electronics, you know how much time consuming constant price checks and adjustments are. To solve that problem, use our Dynamic Pricing solution which, based on the competitor and internal data, automatically changes the prices, following a custom set of rules.

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How we can help you:

  • Competitor price monitoring

    Competitor price monitoring

    Track prices and promotions of the competing e-shops

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  • Dynamic Pricing


    Automate your pricing policy based on internal and external data

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