Increase sales and improve distribution

We are a data-driven company on a mission to help brands regain control over pricing, promotion, and distribution in order to increase sales.

Is lowering prices, with no regard for your brand’s value, a go-to method of increasing sales for your resellers? Are out-of-stocks and product availability impacting your bottom line? Do you lose sales because of a poorly executed in-store advertisement? If so then you came to the right place. 

With our tool that covers various areas of brand presence online (prices, distribution, virtual shelving, merchandising) and professional consultants providing advice and creating DPSM strategies, we can support you and your brand in all these aspects.

Check out the best price tracking tools for shops and contact us.

How we can help you:

  • Price and promotion tracking

    Monitor your products' prices online, detect MAP/MSRP deviations

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  • Distribution

    Check market coverage with your products and compare with your competitors'

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  • In-store search results monitoring

    See the positions of your products and increase your share of virtual shelf

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  • Banner

    Track your brand visibility in online stores

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