Competitor price monitoring on Allegro

Allegro is the most popular auction website and sales platform. Internet users connect it with low, attractive prices and wide offers. Everything is available there – from the pin to a car. Allegro is chosen by many retailers because they can sell products without having an online shop and this significantly reduces costs. As a result, they offer clients lower prices. The price is a key factor here as the sales volumes and marketing strategy depend on it. In this case, none of the retailers can go without an effective competitor’s price monitoring. Why? How to do it? What needs special attention? Let’s start!

Price monitoring benefits

Both sellers and buyers focus on a certain product or branch of products where it goes about price, quality, and the variety of offers. Providing that, up-to-date control, and analysis of own prices and actions and comparing them with other’s results is important. This helps in deriving conclusions and implementing solutions (e.g. decreasing prices, changing strategy, changing the marketing content). All actions are taken to be a step ahead of competitors having a more attractive sales offer. Moreover, daily monitoring makes it possible to react fast in case a competitor makes any change. This is essential to keep a high position and have effective sales.

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Product’s categorization

This is a function implemented by Allegro in 2019. It makes grouping search results possible according to accuracy and price attractiveness. Additional criteria are the seller’s results, condition of the good, and sales formula. The product’s position mostly depends on the price and the price monitoring system here is fully legitimate.

How to monitor prices?

When monitoring prices use one of the tools that offer a complete list of functions such as current sales control, analysis of every category, market trends observation including changes, turnover made by competitors, the list of the best selling products, and returning clients. Reports generated in real-time make it possible to correct mistakes and suit your strategy to be ahead of competing retailers in a certain category. After a specific amount of time, price monitoring can help you to jump into a leading position.

To sum up, price monitoring is a necessary process if you want to have effective sales and beat competitors. Payable systems have advanced functions to control prices and are a perfect alternative to manual processes. And of course, save a lot of time and effort.


Start monitoring your competition on Allegro!

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