Content Automation With a Twist: 5 Reasons to Automate Your Product Descriptions

This article was created in cooperation with Xanevo.

Whether we like it or not, in our increasingly digital age, the mountains of content online businesses need to produce continue to reach new heights.

But you’re rolling out products for a new season, and you’re committed anyway! You have your product pages set up, your images are optimized, and you’ve even added some interactive elements. You’re almost there! 

There’s just one thing left—the product descriptions. 

As your virtual salesperson, product descriptions are important to advise, inform, and – if they have that special touch – convince visitors to buy. But you’ve run out of creative ideas to write for the same kinds of products long ago, even though you’ve tried it all.

You’ve taken the stock texts from the manufacturer. That was fast and easy – but those same texts had already been published on other store websites, and they didn’t match your brand voice. 

You’ve tried hiring fleets of copywriters and copywriting agencies, but the content cycle is way too long. The human factor often resulted in errors, and on top of that it took a huge chunk out of your budget.

You’ve tried fully automated AI writers that do all the writing for you, but the output quality was so disappointing. It misses cultural context, it’s hard to finagle into reflecting your brand voice and can’t target specific keywords for your SEO. 

common ecommerce copywriting solutions list

Most common copywriting solutions suffer from prohibitive costs, long content lead times, or low quality results.

On top of all this headache, you’re stuck going through this process over and over – every time your products, the season, or your brand voice change.

Oh, well. Creating these descriptions is just going to take forever…

…or so you think.

Automation with a twist

We live in a digital age where everything can be automated and streamlined for efficiency – but within that realm? There’s a great degree of “choose your own adventure”!

Today I’m going to tell you all about a little-known powerhouse of automated content creation: AI-assisted content generation. Part man, part machine, it’s content automation with a twist!

It blends the high-quality, human-touch content of manual copywriting with the flawless efficiency of automation technology to create your content in a fraction of the time. If you’re ready to save time (and money!) without sacrificing content quality, read on to discover the ins and outs of AI-assisted automated content – how it works and the top 5 reasons why you should automate.

So, how does it work – and what’s the twist?

Automated product descriptions: the process

1.     Data preparation

Automated content creation technology builds on product data as a foundation for your texts. What’s the style, color, and pattern of your product? What features does it have? This data gets organized into a consistent format.

2.     Text concept creation

Content automation providers like Xanevo and professional copywriters work with you to define a text concept. Here’s the twist – it’s a bit of manually created content within your automation scheme! This is a small part of your overall content; it’s a framework that is used to automatically create the rest of your content. It’s where you customize your texts with your desired brand voice, structure, and keywords.

3.     Automated text generation

With your setup done, next you’ll feed the content automation software with your organized product data and text concept from step 2. The software uses natural language generation to automatically integrate them together and create the rest of your content on its own. This gives you large volumes of high-quality written content all at once, with all your requirements included.

automated content creation steps3 steps to automated content creation. Product data (1) is integrated with logic rules in the text concept (2) by the software (3) to produce automatically generated text.

Congratulations, you’ve got your content! But the magic doesn’t end there.

Going global? You’ll need content in multiple languages. AI-assisted content generation can help you here too – much quicker and more painless than using manual translation.

4.     Text concept translation

To enter new markets and languages, you and your content automation provider collaborate with manual translators – but only translate the text concept into the new language. This guarantees that your foundation for the new language is flawless, with all the necessary cultural and linguistic background.

5.     New language content generation

Once you have your translated text concept, it’s just a button-click to produce hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of texts in the new language automatically. Your new translated content can be published immediately.

automated content translation steps

Generating automated content in a new language. Only the base text concept is translated professionally (4), then integrated with product data by the software (5) the same as above. Resultant generated text is in the new language.

Okay, sure, that all makes sense – but why bother?

Without further ado:

The Top 5 reasons to automate your product descriptions with AI-Assisted content generation

1.     Drastically reduce your time-to-market by up to 91%

Automated content creation software helps you save loads of time by substantially streamlining the content cycle. With manual copywriting, you’d need to hire whole copywriting teams, then do text briefings for the whole product portfolio, then wait (and wait…and wait) for them to create the content…

then you get to jump into the wonderful world of endless review cycles!

Well, that drudgery is not welcome here. Once your content automation is set up, it’s just the click of a button to automatically create thousands of product descriptions at once. This time-saving blessing means you’ll be ready to hit the market in way less time (up to 91% less!) – and it’s a gift that’ll keep on giving. Each and every season.

2.     It’s far cheaper than hiring fleets of copywriters

Perhaps in the past you’ve thought the only way to get high quality content for your eCommerce site is to hire a team of copywriters. Of course, this is not only astonishingly expensive, but it takes time to find the right writers – and time is money!

With automated content creation software, you don’t have to hire a whole horde of writers. Since only a small preliminary part of your content needs to be written manually, your content creation team is much smaller – often just one copywriter.

All you need after this is your product data, and the software will create your product descriptions for you. This means that you can create as many product descriptions as you want without having to worry about hiring more and more copywriters.

Cutting your dependence on copywriters and getting your products to market faster – over and over again – means huge budget savings.

3.     It ensures unique, high-quality, SEO-optimized content

The AI-assisted automated content creation process builds directly on a small portion of quality-assured, manually written content while integrating product data directly from your database. This means you don’t have to worry about the inconsistencies of manually creating all your content, e.g. from copywriters who may become repetitive over time.

Your content automation provider works with you to ensure that your preliminary text concept is highly customized to your preferred brand voice, structure, and keywords.

You also have the option to define a number of sentence variations and synonyms within your text concept. Since the content creation software bases the rest of your texts on this initial framework, the result is content that is indistinguishable from human-written text – and producible in a wide variety of nuanced combinations.

This means you can count on content that is unique and variant-rich – no duplicate content here! It’s also high-quality with that human touch, and SEO-optimized with keywords just the way you want it.

You’ll boost your visibility, drawing more visitors to your product pages – and once they’re there, the high caliber of your product descriptions will do its job to seal the deal.

4.     It makes your content creation process agile and adaptable

Part of every eCommerce business’s content creation struggle is the endless rhythm of generating new content every time the brand voice changes, product specifications change, or a new season simply rolls around.

Automated content creation software works with your database of product information, meaning you can make changes and add new information whenever you want. The sentence components are linked directly to your product data. Since the groundwork is already done, these changes are immediately (automatically!) integrated into your content. New, refreshed descriptions are then ready for instant publishing – in a fraction of the time.

The end effect? Your content creation process becomes incredibly agile and easily adaptable.

This means that you can roll out new products without having to worry about creating new content from scratch. You can simply add or adjust the data and the software will take care of the rest for you.

Your eCommerce business will be able to respond quickly to changes in market dynamics and keep up with the eCommerce giants, season after season.

Silk dress example showing resultant written text after product data is integrated with text concept.

5. It enables your business to scale and expand into new languages easily

Remember that agility we just talked about? It’s key to scaling your eCommerce business. That means being able to generate more and more content as you scale – and doing it quickly.

With content automation, you’ll get exponential returns on your time and money savings as you increase your volume of product descriptions. This means your copy creation can grow right alongside your business!

An important part of eCommerce growth is the ability to expand globally – this means having content in multiple languages. Sure, you could use fast and easy machine translation services – they’re a bargain! But they often miss linguistic nuances and cultural context, requiring lots of revision.

With AI-assisted content generation, it’s just one extra step from automating content in your base language to automating content in a new language. All you need to do is translate your base text concept – a small part of your overall content. Your text foundation will then be flawless in the new language, and the content creation software can then produce the rest of your content for you – thousands or tens of thousands of texts at a time!

You’ll significantly reduce your need for professional translation services. If you work with a content automation provider like Xanevo, you’ll be able to effortlessly branch into 110 new languages! All of this makes it easy – and budget friendly – for you to scale and expand into multiple new global markets without having to manually create new content for each language.


Well, there you have it – the ins and outs of automated content creation with a twist. Now you understand how automating your content generation could be the key to unlocking the true potential of your eCommerce business!

There are even more great reasons to automate your eCommerce copy, but we’ve covered some of the most important in this article:

  1. Using automated content creation software allows you to greatly reduce the time it takes to create your content
  2. Not needing to hire teams of copywriters means you can save significant financial resources and really stretch your budget
  3. You’ll consistently enjoy high quality content that is SEO-optimized and unique
  4. Your automatically generated content becomes extremely agile, enabling you to adapt your content or create new content lightning fast
  5. Your time and money savings together with your increased content creation agility means you can scale and grow quickly – even into new global markets

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