Customer loyalty in your e-commerce – how to do it

This article was created in collaboration with the iCEA Group.

Keeping a customer on your site is a big challenge for e-commerce owners. In spite of appearances, your contact with them does not end when they make a purchase. Investing in building consumer loyalty will certainly pay off for you and result in the success of your online store. Here are some tips for you on how to get loyal customers.

What makes customer loyalty so important?

Well, the answer is simple. Acquiring loyal customers is a guarantee of the brand’s survival in the long-term perspective. This is extremely important nowadays when competition is increasing rapidly. Having loyal customers is your open sesame, which is why you should focus on the process.

So what should you do? Here are our tips!

Provide top-quality customer service

A customer wants to feel that they are being taken care of. This means that you should always be available to them, especially if there are any difficulties, such as delays in the delivery of the order or damage to the shipment during shipping. Contact with the customer is a must. You must do so to avoid losing them. Professional customer service is one of the most critical aspects of customer loyalty. That being said, show that you are there for them, and they can expect your help. Put your email address and phone number or offer a chat option in a visible area on your site.

Chat with customers at

Offer attractive prices and keep in touch with customers after finalizing the order

If you offer competitive prices, you will definitely attract customers to buy. However, more than a low price may be needed to keep them for longer. Prepare exclusive discounts and special promotions for their next purchases to encourage another visit to your online store.

Create a loyalty program

Loyalty programs are a great way to keep a relationship with your customers. Keep them updated on what score threshold they should pass in order to receive a gift. This way, they will feel like shopping with you pays off for them.

  An example of an H&M loyalty program

Let your customers know you & become an expert

Since competition in the market is very high, you should stand out from it. How to do it? Offer your customers added value, e.g., share your experience and knowledge on the company blog. Write articles that answer your customers’ questions, and portray yourself as an expert in your industry. Avoid limiting yourself to merely representing the brand or online store through your appearance. Introduce yourself most favorably and comprehensively. Update the About Us section on the website and present all relevant details about yourself.

A section on the Stradivarius store website with information about the company’s history

Engage your audience

If you already have a regular customer base, try to engage them. Regularly send them interesting newsletters that will also remind them of your brand. This way, you will build a lasting relationship with the customer who will regularly visit your site. If you are just creating a group of trusted audience, encourage them to sign up for the newsletter.

Screenshot from Stradivarius store website showing newsletter signup

Listen to the customers

Gathering customer feedback is crucial in fostering customer loyalty. It is an excellent tool that can significantly enhance customer service, making it a valuable asset to use frequently. Read consumer reviews regularly, accept suggestions, and respond to comments. Thanks to this, your audience will feel noticed and appreciated. By taking this approach, you can build their confidence in you, leading them to make a purchase from your online store potentially.

Take care of your customers with personalized messages

Make your customers feel special by treating each one of them individually. Collect information about them and personalize your messages. Focus on regular communication – keep them informed about all promotions by sending SMS or email. This will show them that you remember them. When sending them promotional emails, pay attention to the security of your account as well, and do DMARC configuring to keep your communication with eCommerce customers safe and prevent spamming and phishing.

Customer loyalty in e-commerce – summary

The biggest challenge during the customer loyalty process is establishing and maintaining contact with them even after the shopping process is completed. How to do this? You need to let them get to know you, listen to their needs, and make them feel appreciated. With these steps, they will certainly stay with you for longer!