5 Google Ads Tools to Automate Your Campaigns

With competition in the ecommerce space growing fiercer each day, it’s essential to ensure that your campaigns reach the right audiences. Therefore, it’s good to get familiar with a variety of innovative tools and features to help automate and scale your campaigns with maximum efficiency. In this guide, we’ll discuss five key Google Ads tools which can be leveraged for automating ad management tasks, optimizing performance metrics, and improving ROI from paid search initiatives. From automated bidding strategies to better audience segmentation capabilities; these advanced features can take your digital marketing strategy up a notch!

What are the benefits of ad automation?

There are dozens of reasons why you should automate your entire e-commerce management. However, as far as ads are concerned, automation may help you to achieve the following results:

  1. Efficiency.
    Marketing automation isn’t only about streamlining your department, but also freeing up the time of your team. This way they can spend more energy on ambitious projects and outstanding campaigns! With this software in hand, you’ll be able to automate day-to-day tasks like social media posts – no need for manual labor any longer! To top it off, teams won’t even have to leave the program when switching between activities; creating email sequences, landing pages, or writing blog articles is all within reach with one easy platform.

  2. Conversion rate increase.
    Leverage marketing automation tools to drive success with your CRO. Track leads, maximize efficiency, and save time by retargeting visitors who don’t convert right away – so you can use it to assess how best to get people to click that ‘Buy Now’ button!

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  3. Optimized data management.
    Having an automated marketing platform can make all the difference in staying on top of your leads. You no longer have to worry about tedious, manual data management- it’s all taken care of automatically and with up-to-date accuracy so you’re always connected!
    What’s more, automation allows you to keep the track of your prices and be up to date with sudden market changes.

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  4. Creating personalized marketing strategy.
    Ready to get your message out? With marketing automation, you can take control of the way prospects interact with you. Automation will let team members spend less time on mundane tasks like manual data entry, and more time creating personalized content catered to specific audiences. Target across multiple channels – social media, search ads, or email campaigns! Once leads come in based on this targeted messaging track their behavior & characteristics then offer them tailored invitations such as invites for a company sales conference that they may have shown interest in earlier through posts etc. Allowing each lead to receive custom messages makes it easier than ever before – no need for guesswork; easily keep tabs on who is engaging (or not) with what kind of offers.

How you can increase your ROAS thanks to automation?

Although ad campaigns are a great method to promote your offer and get a new audience, many retailers often struggle with achieving satisfying ROAS.

Is it possible to improve your ROAS through campaign automation? The answer is simple – of course, it is!
You can focus on various automation, but automated price optimization is the one you should definitely consider.

It’s no secret that buyers pay attention to the prices. The lower and more competitive your prices are, the more clients will find them attractive. That rule works for both: the bull & the bear market. But how to increase your ROAS in practice? Take a look at the case of our client – Adrenaline.pl.

This online sports shop and its chain of Nike & Adidas brick-and-mortar stores throughout Poland are the places for athletes looking for quality gear at competitive prices. With Dealavo, they were able to make sure their Google Shopping items stayed sufficiently priced against other retailers – no small feat in such a cutthroat market! But with hard work comes a reward; ROAS has increased by 29% after just one month thanks to our price monitoring tool! Check out this video if you’re curious about how it happened.

Improve ROAS of your ad campaigns with Dealavo!

Check how Adrenaline.pl increased its ROAS by 29% in one month thanks to our price monitoring tool.

5 Google Ads Tools to Automate Your Campaigns

Finally, let’s take a look at the essential tools you should try out to automate your campaigns and increase your sales level.


With Dealavo, you can stay ahead of the competition and get your pricing right. It’s packed with features to help take control of your prices: real-time price monitoring, automated repricing based on specific criteria like product type or profit margin; plus reporting & analytics so you can track how it’s all working out. And best of all — it comes with an easy-to-use interface!

On top of that Dealavo is well-known for its strong customer support and reliable Machine Learning algorithms that will help your prices adjust to the current market situation effortlessly and in a blink of an eye.

Learn more about our solutions in the video below:

Find out how Dealavo may help you automate your prices in ad campaigns!

Boost your ROAS with automated pricing solutions provided by Dealavo.

Google Ads Editor is a great way to manage your PPC campaigns without spending any money. It’s easy as pie – just download it, edit the campaign info, and upload it straight onto Google ads! What’s even better? You can make batch changes across multiple accounts offline too – not bad for free software! And with its integration with Sheets, you’ll be able to keep track of all those important metrics like CTR and conversion rate plus check if they match up against KPIs set out in eCommerce website design.


AdScale, a powerhouse of AI-powered automation from Israel, is the ultimate solution for PPC management. With AdScale you get more than just back-end optimization – it’ll also save your time and give you up to 80% data management efficiency! Plus there’s an added bonus: with over 30% ROI guaranteed on every investment in this platform… why not give it a try? Unlock access to alerts, bid optimization tools plus other nifty features like AI insights and comprehensive reporting.


Opteo is here to save you hours of manual work! Cut out the tedious task of combing through data – they’ll keep an eye on your Google Ads so you don’t have to. With their easy-to-use interface, there’s more time for everything else that adds value and helps increase those conversions & sales.


Adzooma is the ultimate partner for propelling your business forward. Harnessing machine learning and data science, this AI-powered platform can provide you with valuable insights from online campaign performance – so no matter how big or small your operations are, it’s easy to make informed decisions that drive growth. Plus, most of the legwork is taken care of by automation; leaving more time up ‘your sleeve’ to concentrate on running a booming company while cultivating marketing content!


DataFeedWatch, specializing in Google Shopping Feed Automation and feed-driven text ads, is a complete and powerful tool for online merchants looking to maximize their Google Advertising efforts. 

Say goodbye to errors with automated feed validation, ensuring your data is clean and compliant. Utilize advanced rules to make bulk edits to your product listings, saving time and ensuring consistency across your inventory. 

The platform’s A/B testing capabilities empower you to discover winning product titles and fine-tune your product presentation for optimal performance. With DataFeedWatch, the process of cleaning up and optimizing your product feeds becomes streamlined and efficient, allowing you to navigate Google Shopping with ease.

Utilize DataFeedWatch Text Ads to automatically generate Google Search text ad campaigns using the information from your product feed. Benefit from daily updates to both the ads and keywords for enhanced campaign performance.

Automating your ad campaigns is a great way to save yourself time. You could take the traditional route of hand-picking bids and making adjustments within your campaigns but it may not be the most efficient, effective, or cost-efficient approach. With the sheer amount of helpful tools available today, automated pricing can help you bind better deals for clients and in turn maximize your returns. Price automation offers an easy setup that’s both simple to use and very convenient; simply plug in your numbers and let it do all the crunching for you. By using price automation, you’ll have greater control over your expenses while still growing ROI quickly with minimal effort. For a powerful tool that can help make managing the automated pricing of your campaigns simpler, check out Dealavo!