Blackcurve alternative: take a closer look at the differences and decide

There’s so much going on in the e-commerce field every day that it’s hard to stay up-to-date with all the constant changes. As for e-brands, many things must be observed all day long. The best examples are competitors’ prices and assortment changes.

That’s why Price tracking software is crucial in today’s e-commerce world. The better data about your products’ price you have, the more ahead of your competitors you are.

If you are looking for a Blackcurve alternative, you’ve come to the right place. This article will provide all the information needed to choose whether Dealavo or Blackcurve fits your company better. We will go through basic and advanced features comparison, costs, and many more aspects to give you a solid view of what’s best for your needs.


Dynamic or static pricing?

That’s a very important question that a business owner has to ask himself when it comes to setting a price strategy.

Static pricing is a traditional model in which a product’s price is fixed and has to stay the same even if market trends and competitive prices are fluctuating. It’s good to choose this strategy as a manufacturer since it gives the opportunity to establish one price for every customer on any given terms.

On the other hand, dynamic pricing is a model that gives the opportunity to change products’ prices multiple times, as soon as a product’s price starts to fluctuate due to competitors’ moves or demand changes. This strategy is widely used in the e-commerce sector since it’s known for dynamic price changes and demand-dependent pricing models.

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Both Blackcurve and Dealavo enable their clients to monitor, set, and develop new prices, based on accurate data about competitors’ actions, demand, and supply changes. That is very important to create sales with proper prices.


Having a wider perspective on the market means setting up more accurate prices. This directly leads to more revenue. That’s why repricing has gained so much popularity over the last few years in e-commerce.

Repricing is the best way to efficiently stick with the implementation of a given pricing policy.

Both Blackcurve and Dealavo enable their clients to track and develop new prices, based on accurate data about competitors’ prices and assortment changes and demand rotations.

What’s easier to use – Blackcurve or Dealavo?

Ease of use is probably one of the most underrated features when it comes to price tracking software. At first, it might seem logical because everyone expects the tool to accurately track competitors’ prices and nothing besides that. It’s the long-term frustration that occurs when using too complicated software for your brand.

That’s why ease of use should be one of the key factors when deciding to choose software for your business. While choosing the best price tracking software it is also vital to differentiate a company’s primary goals. If a tool is well-matched with a company, it’s naturally easier to use.

It’s worth adding, that there’s absolutely no software that fits every single company.

Blackcurve is a tool that helps e-commerce brands to understand their competitors and their prices. It also uses price and pricing strategies to help companies improve their digital marketing performance. It’s clear and easy to use as it gives a lot of understandable insights into competitors’ moves and allows benchmarking against them.

Dealavo’s twofold structure (divided into brands and e-shops) allows it to meet the company’s profile and main needs.

Dealavo is a very handy tool that can be used in a very wide spectrum of businesses, gathering tons of data from different e-commerce channels and presenting it in the most convenient way, so that even beginners won’t feel overwhelmed with it.

It’s not only useful in the everyday price tracking process but also while planning long-term pricing or distribution strategy.  To sum it up, Dealavo is a very universal solution as it’s useful for businesses with completely different missions and goals, operating in many different industries.

Dealavo as a Blackcurve alternative – essential features

Regarding the Blackcurve alternative, Dealavo would fit in well in almost every e-commerce business possible, because of its universal purpose and features that go beyond expectations. Nonetheless, both tools enable similar key features with professional delivery. Some of them are:

Open API

The Open API feature, also known as Public API, allows third-party developers to take action and modify the software’s settings to meet clients’ expectations.

It also allows fully connecting price tracking software with the one that has been used by the client earlier. It may be a life-saving process for managers that are used to the old software. The combination of price tracking software and the one that business used previously might turn out twice as efficient.

Historical pricing

Historical pricing is a powerful feature that enables brands to compare historical changes in competitors’ products. It’s not only helpful when setting a product’s price, but also when planning new marketing messages. Both Dealavo and Blackcurve ensure e-shops with such features.

Machine Learning Component

The Machine Learning component is one of the best features that price tracking software can provide. It is simply an algorithm similar to the one that AI systems use, that analyses and learns from the gathered data. It’s a next-level feature that recognizes patterns and gains an understanding of them. It also comes up with new improvements that can be implemented in the future, based on historical price moves and their results. Both Dealavo and Blackcurve ensure their clients with ML Component.

That’s a clutch functionality as it lets monitor banners being shown in regard to other companies’ ones. Dealavo not only allows tracking competitors’ banners but also comparing them over time so that it’s much easier to plan promotion calendars.

Blackcurve’s banner monitoring is a part of its digital marketing optimisation.

Banner Monitoring is a stellar functionality as it allows verifying if your business partner fulfils trade terms regarding banners display on their website.

Blackcurve and Dealavo – advanced features comparison.

Ever thought what’s the key to outrunning your competitors? It’s a range of advanced features you can use, that will get you ahead of your competition. A wide spectrum of basic and advanced features can provide great improvements in your brand’s pricing strategy.

Take a closer look at the advanced features comparison across both tools:


Blackcurve’s 4 pricing editions range from 99£ to 999£, While Dealavo’s prices start at 140$ per month.